February 28th, 2015

Advice on copyright and handing over Rights

EDIT: I have decided that unless they agree to do a license I'm not touching it. It really doesn't bug me if I don't get anything money wise from the project but it would bug me to give up my rights, and gain no money. So license or no go is what I have decided on.

Ahoy, there I'm just here to get some advice regarding a note I received.

I received a note on DA from somebody who makes miniatures for table top games, wanting to know if I do art for an artbook they were going to 'sell' in their next kickstarter campaign. IT was pretty much what I expected they would not be able to pay me up front put i would get a small portion of what they make for each book sold. Now I did a little research and they've had fairly successful kickstarter campaigns in the past so that doesn't really concern me.

What concerns me is that they want me to give up my legal and commercial rights to my art. Now I'm no copyright expert but this seems a little risky to me, especially when not being paid up front.

Chances are I'll end turning this down but I would like your input.