February 25th, 2015

Question: How do you deal with rude behavior with an artist? Should I write a AB?

This evening I joined a stream that I was eagerly and awaiting for since the last one and that the artist wasn't taking commissions at that time; and were this time. I was really excited and happy! She stated on her journal/submission "Taking a few small commissions u vu"" Nothing else. So I was on her stream as well as a very popular artist waiting for chibis. Only one chibi was done in-stream and she had a small handful list. Mine was already being sketched and lineart was begun. NOTE: I KNEW she took payment After the work was done since I had bought a icon from her months before. However today was displeasing.
7 hours of her stream, and she during that time was playing a videogame stopping with working on the stream commissions or even to finish my commission (I mean why else would you stream and say your taking commissions, right?) I'm an artist and I don't stream unless I am working.
I had been kind and patient to the artist but what they said to one person who left when she finally, yes finally began to draw again (livestream was still on for 7hours now) one of her customers said "I've been here seven hours, so go ahead and take my name of the list"
The artist responded with a rude remark of "uhm okay lmao". Which I thought was very rude as the customer and even I had been waiting and watching for 7hours. No information was given that the artist Claims we should already know.

Since I've started commissioning since I'm fairly new I'm very lenient and patient but this wasn't the first time I've worked with this artist; or seen this as the first time the user had been rude to people in her stream. It's mildly disturbing on the behavior. Stating my opinion that it was frustrating that she gave NO information whatsoever about the commissions besides pay when finished and ask to get on a list, stating what was wrong with her comment towards the customer who left she argued and was extremely rude THEN saying rules and information about the commissions she was taking in-stream. Shortly I was banned from the stream chat and she made the remark of
"I smell drama and an AB from this.- WE WAITED 7 HOURS FOR SOMETHING WE DIDN'T PAY FOR"

When she states she takes payment AFTER the works is finshed. I blocked/blacklisted the artist on Furaffinity and without changing the sketch takes the sketched/linearted commission with my character's traits still there and posts it as a YCH. Also notice this was a specific pose and idea I wanted my character in as well. I have all the chatlogs from the stream saved on my computer; Sadly since it's Picarto there were no time-stamps.

I don't know what to do or even if I should just post this. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Maybe I'm in the wrong but this is the reason I am asking this. This artist has been rude to me and other commissioners/customers before. Help?