February 24th, 2015


Need advice.... Again

Goodness me, I seem to have a string of bad luck lately. But I guess when you commission a lot, the odds of something going wrong increase.
Anyway, a month ago I commissioned an artist and paid half up front; the other half to be sent upon completion. They quoted me a 2 week wait. After 3 weeks I had heard nothing, so I dropped them a friendly reminder. They got back to me quickly, saying that they had finished it a week ago and thought they sent it, but upon checking realised they had sent it to the wrong email. They offered to upload it to their DeviantArt account during their break that day. Nothing was uploaded for a few days, so I dropped another note. A week later, they've read it and not responded. I'm very confused, because surely the easiest part of a commission is uploading it. They've been online daily, to boot. I've sent another note and given them a little more time, but I feel like I've been strung along and am planning on requesting a refund soon. So my question is... Is it normal for there to be delay (two weeks in my case) between completing and uploading a commission? Am I worrying over nothing and jumping too fast for a refund, or is it right to be suspicious? And what should I do if the artist continues to ignore me? A Paypal dispute is a last resort, because I'd really like the art and don't want to upset the artist and risk not getting it at all.