February 20th, 2015

lily blushu

beware: 827772

EDIT: i've been refunded. they contacted me saying they lost my refs, but i asked for a refund instead which they gave me- this can be marked as resolved!



WHERE: http://827772.deviantart.com/
they also have a twitter that is listed publically on their deviantart account profile which is how i've been contacting them since their hiatus: https://twitter.com/taraopta

even though my twitter was set to protected and currently is set as such, they do have my deviantart account to send me my art/or reply, and as stated in the explain portion, i did change my twitter from being protected for several days in waiting for a reply, giving them a chance to.

WHAT: a couples fullbody image that ended up being $28. i split the payment with a friend but handled the transaction by myself.

WHEN: i ordered the commission october 10th 2014, and i contacted her over twitter in january 20th 2015 after noticing there was a hiatus status on their deviantart, and have been in the dark since the beginning of february waiting for some sort of response.


payment: http://i.imgur.com/aAi6tQa.png
attempted dispute: http://i.imgur.com/BPBI9fV.png
someone told me i should dispute it even though it'd be automatically closed for paypal's records if i need to take this to the business bureau.

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honestly, i'm not sure i'm going to try and fight $28 as it may be more stress than it's worth, but i am disappointed because it was supposed to be for myself and a friend and i've commissioned her before and recieved my art promptly though that was in the summer and they probably weren't as busy as they may be now, but that's really no excuse. i don't understand why this is such a problem, but i don't think i'll be commissioning them in the future if this is how it's gonna go with trying to communicate.