February 19th, 2015

  • rai_say

Advice Regarding Auctions (Specifically, Snipe Guards).

This is a two part question- part one is from something that happened to me, part two is just a kind of "opinion" kind of thing (I want to see what people think on the topic).

Part One-

An artist I follow was hosting an auction. This artist (as some artists do) had all of the "auction info" (i.e. Start Bid price, Autobuy price, minimum bid increase price, Start date, and End date) all in the image for the auction. There was nothing in their description other than mentioning that all of the info is on the submission image.

Admittedly, I did place a bid last-minute.

HOWEVER- the artist then came in and responded to me that "Because this bid was placed last minute, the Snipe Guard goes into effect and lasts for two hours". Snipe guards are a pretty standard thing to see around the auction scene, obviously- but this artist's auction said nothing about a Snipe Guard. Their page said nothing about a snipe guard. They have no TOS linked about a Snipe Guard.

Basically what I'm asking is this- can an artist rightfully add a rule like that in last minute?

Part Two-

This is just an opinion spot because I want to hear what people think.

Personally, I don't always understand Snipe Guards. The INTENDED purpose for a snipe guard is to protect the people who've already bid on the auction from being sniped last minute (which is understandable). HOWEVER- the big question I have (because I see this a LOT) is this- IF a snipe guard comes in to play, should people who hadn't bid on the auction before be allowed to bid? (As in, a person who hasn't placed any bids at all on the auction- the Snipe Guard comes into play and THEN they start throwing bids around after the technical "end time" of the auction?)

Personally, if I was invested in an auction (as in, I had been bidding from the beginning) and a snipe guard went into effect, I would personally expect that the bidding is just between the people who'd already bid. I'd be kinda irritated if some random person who had shown no prior interest in the auction came in after the snipe guard was activated and then started to bid? (I guess it's the mentality of "If the snipe guard hadn't been activated, this person wouldn't have had any bids on the auction, and they'd have been the auction's end time")

Although maybe it kinda depends on an auction (I know there are some artists who host very short auctions, and sometimes that sucks for the people who have to work? Personally, if I missed out on a YCH or whatever due to work, I'm not usually too mad- that's not the artist's fault, nor is it the other bidders' fault, it's just "how the cookie crumbles" so to speak)

Anyway! Thank you for the input in advance!

Advice on Anonymous Requests

Well i have been wondering about this considering i've been searching this on DA about this and wonder has anyone ever done these before? consdiering i've got a note from someone asking for a request for the user to be annonymous.  (Though on my DA page usually have to ask me since i don't do many of them on the site at all)  I do have a concern about this since usually something like this would go wrong real easily.

So i was wondering is this actually normal to do since i've never seen this before often and how did you handle this?