February 17th, 2015

Two months of waiting on a 'completed' picture

Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spazzykoneko/

What: Digital art. A drawing of two of my anthro pokemon characters.

When: I sent Spazzy an email back in October 10th 2014 and I got a reply about it on the same day. After being told how long it would take, I've not heard a single word about that commission from Spazzy.

Proof: All screenshots files has a timestamp of my taskbar. I did not blur out the artist's email name because it's the same as the Furaffinity one and I did not blur out my own Furaffinity name to prove that it's me posting those comments in two of the files but my Deviantart profile has my legal name in it so I blurred that out. I used paint to put together a few of the screenshots to lower the amount of files.

The commission mail exchange, I did not hear from Spazzy again about this after telling me how long it would take.

Paypal email proof that I did send the money.

Roughly three months later she announced that she was open for commissions.

Almost two weeks ago where I poked Spazzy about the commission that I had not yet recieved. I didn't get a reply. Included the latest shout on the profile about someone else who's having undelivered art from Spazzy and two comments from her latest journal, both of which got no replies.

Explain: Spazzy accepted a commission from me. I paid her on October 10th 2014 and after that day I did not hear from her about it again. She has though kept announcing that she's open for commissions and several people have been posting their concerns about her not responding to their mails and not being on the commission queue list.

EDIT: I once again today poked Spazzy about my missing commission, and finally I got a reply from her.

However in the mail that I sent, which was the same string of replies as the original commission mail exchange, she revealed that it wasn't done yet but that she would try to get it finished in the next couple days. I will poke her again about it on Thursday if I haven't gotten a reply yet to find out how it's going.

EDIT: The picture has been finished and sent to me. After 4 days I decided to give Spazzy a poke on email again since she said "next few days". She responded 10 hours later saying that she had had computer problems with the latest windows update and that she promised to deliver on it before she headed to bed. She also mentioned that she had been pointed to the two uploads about her on here and she was very apologetic about it. Around half past 5am pst she delivered and I'm very happy with it.