February 3rd, 2015

Commissioner Beware - Recca_Sen_Li

WHO: Recca_sen_li

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/reccasenli

WHAT: He commissioned a digital two-character commission.

WHEN: Started March 28, 2014. Ended January 24th.

EXPLAIN: First, I want to say that I own my mistakes. Around the time this commission initiated my husband was in and out of the hospital (until October) and having multiple surgeries which left me as the main provider of our house on top of having to cover his hospital bills. I took on too much work and managed to over-burden myself (a mistake which I have been rectifying by focusing on my oldest queued commissions and only taking one new slot per every 2-3 finished off of my queue). First set of notes about the commission: http://i.imgur.com/cQvsTEg.png

Today I noticed I got a few new watchers, which usually happens when I upload something or one of my commissioners has. So I checked my most recent posted pictures to see who uploaded something, and saw that it was him. I went to his page and saw this: http://i.imgur.com/nG1B24T.png

Screenshot is cropped, here's the actual link (NSFW) (he also hid my comment saying that I did tell him I could refund him): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15648598/

I was slightly hurt and upset by this, I've been working extremely hard to fix my past mistakes (I've cleared at least 20 backlogged things off my queue in just the last few weeks) and I had offered to give him a refund if he didn't want to wait. Both times he said he would rather have the art (and I acknowledged I would rather do the art because I liked the characters involved).

Notes from him about a refund: http://i.imgur.com/AF5S7lj.png (the apology referred to is because he left a very rude comment on one of my journals and I told him to note me about a refund.)

My husband was still in and out of the hospital at this time, and so I ended up sidetracked (again, I admit this is a good deal my fault).

Email about a refund, and apparently him keeping tabs on what I have uploaded and blatantly lieing (I have NOT done any commission streams since once nearly two years ago, proof: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10601957/ this was the ONLY time) and never any PWYW streams, and I only held ONE free art contest that was around the same time, right before my husband was hospitalized). He also made the statement that he wanted the art AND a refund, which was when I heavily considered refunding him regardless because that got under my skin but the art was already inked and half colored by that point.


I had finished the commission about two days later (as he was next in my list for catching up).

I would just like to say, again, that I know that a big part of this is my fault and I am owning my mistakes and trying to make things right. But I found his behavior underhanded and unprofessional.

(Screenshots have been fixed, I hope this is the right way to post OTL.)