January 29th, 2015

The Bollywogs Are Coming!

Artist Beware: Vejiicakes (Resolved)

WHO: Vejiicakes

WHERE: DA Account/Tumblr

WHAT: $50 for two sketch fanwork pieces

WHEN: The artist solicited sketch commissions in exchange for donations to hurricane relief in the Phillipines in late November 2013, with delivery promised within 1 - 3 weeks. I made a donation and my commission was accepted on 11/24/13.

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ETA: Issue resolved. Artist reestablished contact on 2/1/15 to finish artwork and offer a partial refund for the wait.

Artist Beware: Anniepopokios (Resolved)

WHO: Anniepopokios

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/anniepopokios

WHAT: Digital $10 pin-up

WHEN: Artist agreed to take on the commission on January 11, 2014 (over a year ago). Payment was also sent via Paypal at this time. Over the course of the year, Anniepopokios posted numerous journals apologizing for her multi-month-long absences and promising commissioners she would finish her work, all while taking on MORE commissions before finishing her current queue. I continually asked for refunds via note, page shouts, and journal comments, all of which were ignored. She sent a note on October 1st telling me she would get my refund to me, but that never happened.

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Advice: Plushies

Hello all!

This time I am not posting bad news but looking for advice from the plush makers in the community.

I have been making plushies for friends and family for a little while and feel I am getting confident enough to start trying to sell them. Now I am not going to be doing custom pieces, but just already made items.

Now my question is that I am planning on making some dragon plushes, but the design is inspired by the Beanie Babie dragons (rounded nose, brontosaurus body, felt toes, etc). I am making my own pattern but I didn't know if theses similarities would get me into trouble?

I wouldn't be using the same colors or selling them as Beanie Babies, but I just want to be sure.