December 24th, 2014

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WHO: Nathradas/Sturmschwinge

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: Full color single character piece, no background.

This is a follow up posting to my previous entries seen here:

I am mostly posting this to advise others that this artist has not refunded me or the other people she owes and has in fact, skipped accounts, while claiming that she has no inspiration and can't meet her obligations.

On Nov. 4th, 2013, Nathradas posts this journal explaining her situation.
Feeling pretty fed up at this point, I do post a response because I've really had enough of this, especially when I've only found out about her leaving the internet "forever" months after the fact.
At the beginning of July, this year, a personal friend of Nathradas sends me a private message informing me of her new accounts. I have edited out the username and any incriminating details as per the user's request.
Another person who knows Nathradas in person messages me on Twitter to inform me that she is at EF, taking commissions, and is using her new username on FA as well as Weasyl and Tumblr.
I fire a note over to her on Weasyl, this note has still gone unread.
I tried messaging her on FA, this note has still gone unread.
The second comment I have left on her userpage- the first one was deleted within a week of it's posting and I neglected to screencap it as proof.

I have been pursuing this transaction for just over three years with very, very little success. This artist has ignored correspondence, taken on commissions while still owing others work and/or refunds, and then has gone so far as to abandon her previous account and responsibilities to start anew with a new username.

At this point, I just want others to be very much aware of this person's business practices and to think twice about paying Nathradas for art because there's a huge possibility that they will never see their art or a refund.

[edit]I have been blocked from her page.

[edit]I have received a third party refund on behalf of the artist.