December 17th, 2014

Artist Beware: Peachschnapps

WHO: Peachschnapps


WHAT: YCH auction

WHEN: Started planning auction February 4th 2014, Auction went live February 12th 2014

So back in early February I had an idea to host a YCH auction with my fursona in it, I needed to find an artist who would be willing to collaberate with me with the idea. My friend referred me to the artist Peachschnapps who was willing and eager to help out for this idea We talked about what we wanted for the picture, we came to an agreement and two days later the sketch was made and sent to me (NSFW) (Sketch of the YCH NSFW) I approved of the idea and chatted about starting bids and such. On February 12th the auction went up live (NSFW) and ended on February 17th. As you can see from the description, all of the people who bid on the slots had sent payment to the artist (If you want me to ask for receipts of paypal transfers I'll be more than happy to supply)

Then suddenly things start to go wrong. The artist ever since recieving the money from the winners, has been missing in action ever since. The last contact I've got to her was back in September 11th saying she's been through a lot with moving & personal problems. She said that she would send the final refinded sketch the next day. Ever since, she has never responded to either my notes, skype messages, and it's been the same from the slot winners as well. Now I've been told she bought a suit back in August and have seen pictures of her at other cons this year such as Anthrocon, IFC & most recently MFF (Which I had no idea that she was attending, if I knew I would had talked to her about this) I've have tried constantly talking to her on Skype whenever she has been on, but the moment I send her a message, she instantly goes offline. I don't know any other contact information for this artist besides FA & Skype.

Update: 3/30/15: So after trying a few more times contacting her about the YCH auction and letting her know that she was posted on here, I actually ran into her into Motor City Fur Con this past weekend, she was very apoligetic to me after finding her and said that she will be refunding everyone who paid for the slots. I have contacted all the users who won in the slots to go message her husband about it. I'll make another update once they (hopefully) get all of their money back

Payed For Commission; Got Ignored?: Lambomill/Quickmill

WHO: Lambomill/Quickmill/Fatmill/Cozrion


WHAT: A $15 flat colored bust of my Wyvern character

WHEN: January 2014 - Now

Note To Lambomill asking for the commission, as well as agreeing on payment and me stating that I sent the payment:

Paypal Statement proving I payed for the Commission:

Me Noting Lambomill on FA when they announce that they are leaving DA for FA about my Commission:

I Send a Note to Lambomill on their new account on DA ( Quickmill) and they read it, but don't reply:

EXPLAIN: I wasn't really expecting things to go this way, I've been a fan of Lambomill's work for a long time. However, I have sent
them several notes on several accounts and they have either read the note and not responded, or ignored my messages completely. I asked
if they could either finish the Commission that I payed for, or refund me the $15. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they have chosen
to not respond. I would be less irked if they would just reply to me and let me know what the heck is going on.

January 6, 2014:So first I send Lambomill a note in January asking for a flat colored bust Commission of one of my characters.
they accept and I send them the payment. (see links above)

January 18, 2014: I wait a bit, I almost forget about the Commission completely because I haven't heard any sort of information from Lambomill. I see that they mention something about moving to Furaffinity, so I follow them on FA and send them a note there asking about it. They respond saying they didn't save the Commission information and to resend it to them, so I do. (see links above)

I get absolutely no contact from Lambomill after that point, I try to send them several more notes on FA but they continue to ignore them

After March I kind of just gave up for a while, but I was also dealing with a lot of personal things, so I forgot about it
almost completely, but I also didn't want to seem too pushy so I tried backing off thinking they would eventually get back to me.
Sadly this..didn't happen.

December 15, 2014: I send Lambomill a note on their new DA account hoping that they will respond and this whole ordeal would be over.
Instead, they read the note but choose not to respond.

The only reason I am posting this is because I have no other choice. I contacted Lambomill/Quickmill several times and they
have rudely ignored me. Hate to say it, but I no longer respect them as an artist or a person. If they would have just owned up
to their mistake, this AB wouldn't be getting posted. I really hate resorting to these measures, but I'm not taking shit from
anyone anymore. Weither or not I admire them.
At this point I just want a refund, but they wont even give me that.

EDIT(12/21/14): Quickmill posted a new journal Titled "2015 Commissions". I left a comment in hopes they will respond

EDIT (same day as above): I get a comment from Quickmill telling me to send them an email that is listed in the journal. I do, however I
am yet to get a response. Hopefully within the next few days I will receive one.

EDIT Dec 21 2014- Jan 25 2015+: On December 21st I send Lambomill/Quickmill/Cozrion (his new DA name) an email asking for an update on my Commission. He responds and..well.. I guess the way to describe it is he tried to bribe me into not getting mad at him? he mentioned doing a Full-Body instead of a Bust in exchange for having to wait so long. I agree, figuring it would make up for the wait. A few days pass and he asks me if he could do line-less instead since they wanted to experiment. Again, I agreed since I thought he might be more willing to do it if he had some artistic freedom. That was on December 31, 2014. I send him another email on January 8th 2015 in hopes to get an update, but I was given no response. I sent another Email Yesterday on January 25th, 2015 stating that I would like a refund. I'll give him about a week, and then from that point I can only assume that Mill has been playing me for a fool the entire time and has no intention of doing my Commission, or anyone elses.
Email Screencaps:

*very sad sigh*