December 11th, 2014

Commissioner Beware: VeilShadepaw

WHO: VeilShadepaw


WHAT: Fursuit commission payment.

WHEN: "June 2014" to now (December 2014)

Oldest conversation I can find of the suit being discussed, final price is decided:
Cut out message:
One payment to me. He also paid $50 but I can't seem to find it:
Asking in September:
Asking this week, reinforcing how serious I am now:

I had made him a fursuit finished in October 2013 and he wanted a new one. We discussed this new one at a few furmeets and on my other Facebook account (can no longer access so no proof) before the screen shots in June.

At the time he sent me $100, I was halfway done with his head.

Suddenly, he lost his job, but still wanted the suit. I was dumb enough to send it to him regardless because he wanted it in time for AnthroCon, as he had emphasized, and thought it would potentially put me at risk for a bad review.
I was dead wrong.

So he went to the convention anyways, another one (or two?) in the following months, not to mention trips out-of-state...

He got a job at the beginning of this month (December) and had been talking about paying for stuff back in September, where my other screenshot is.

I finally had enough and PMed him about it only to find out that he needs to pay off "outstanding bills", which apparently doesn't include this fursuit.

Now, I know VERY well that I should not have given him this suit. It's now a bold statement in my TOS. But now he owes me money and I don't know if I'm going to be receiving payment for this or not because he's proven to not really care now that it's in his hands.

So, beware. As a seller or as a buyer (he does commissions).