September 23rd, 2014

  • rimpala

Advice on how to handle this situation.

   I'm reluctant to do a beware on this but a commissioner has me a little stressed out lately and I am simply asking for advice on how to handle it. The commission started as a complex part for a Second Life avatar that involves a lot of scripting. After finishing that the commissioner came back wanting it to be bigger and with more features and, though I shouldn't have I agreed to try and make another version and ran into roadblocks on how to finish scripting it.

   Because of these complications the commission took longer then expected and I eventually tried to refund the commissioner telling them that I don't think I'd be able to complete it, who became very disastified afterwards. With a disgruntled commissioner on my hands who refused my refund, I offered to complete them artwork in place of the Second Life build and the commissioner said that the replacement will "have to be at least a 10 page comic." Wanting to satisfy the customer I agreed to it and am currently about halfway through the commission, working on the comic in 5 page intervals.

   But then the commissioner decided that I am to make them the orginal Second Life object anyways, so I'm expected to complete that with now a 20 page comic on top of it. (Note: the commissioner insisted on it being 20 pages after I tried compressing the story they've given into 13) The result is about double the work now for the price of one, and as a result has been taking up my time and filling a slot that other commissions could take up. The whole experience has caused me to stop commissioning for anything Second Life related and since then I've included a TOS point of not communicating except by email (the commissioner used to litterally hound me both on Second Life and on Skype).

   What do I do? I've already tried refunding this person but they won't take it, and I fear they're going to report me on here if I inisit on it. Other commissions have gone quite smoothy it's just this one that's been troublesome.

Please note that I am reluctant to give any names because I really want to avoid a beware before trying to salvage the situation.

EDIT: Looking back on the logs the comic started out 10 pages, but over email I was given a story that I could only compress into 13 pages, only for the commisisoner to insist on it being 20. That's where the 20 page comic came from.

Advice on artist & Client TOS

Hello Artist_Beware! My question is relativity simple.
If an artist agrees to a deadline, and the artist misses the agreed on deadline, is the client allowed to ask for a full refund, regardless of the the artist TOS (ex: no refunds, only partial payment if I've started, ect)?

I thought this might have been a breech in contract between the artist and the client, and the client would then have a choice to end the contact or to renegotiate the contract.
Is this true?

I've been trying to contact the better business bureau about this, but they seem to continue to run me around in circles. A this point they are telling me to call somewhere else atm, but I'll keep everyone updated on what I am told from their end.