September 6th, 2014

Ichigo // Sun In Your Eyes

Beware of DA User xJem

I want to start off by saying I commission a LOT of people every year. I love buying art, and I LOVE the artists I work with. I so rarely have a problem - and I am that person who doesn't mind a long wait as long as the line of communication is kept open! That has been the biggest issue here, as the artist has failed to write back and has basically disappeared off the face of the sites where I can find her.
I apologize in advance for the length of this post; I was trying to be exceptionally thorough, as this has now been going on for a while.

WHO: Deviantart user xJem - also known as Subeta user MasterBeauPre. (according to her Subeta profile, she is also on Gaia and FurAffinity, though I've been unable to hunt her down there yet)

WHERE:; I made an art buying board and she sent me a mail on that site offering her services on 2/18/14

WHAT: Four pieces of art in a "noveau" style, two for myself and two for my wife as a gift, of four of our OCs.
- My sMail to xJem with the details of the commission
- xJem's response

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