September 2nd, 2014

BEWARE: "Knon"

WHO: "Knon"


WHAT: $15 colored sketch style bust badge

WHEN: paid December 2013 – currently unresolved

PROOF: Numbers in the "Explain" section correlate with these:


-Dec 2013-early Jan 2014- I approached the artist after they opened for commissions via journal asking for a colored sketch style bust badge. (1) They responded with a “no problem!” just a few days later and then noted me with questions about details and their PayPal. (2) I responded with what I was looking for as well as the payment. (3) They then added me to the queue that was in the aforementioned journal. (5)

-Feb 2014- I left a shout on Knon’s page (4) asking if they would add the queue in the journal to the queue that was listed in their homepage. No response or action was taken by the artist. I decided to send the artist a note asking for a refund. The note shown as being read but was not directly responded to. (6)

-May 2014- I decided to send a friendly note to a person who frequently commissions this artist and asked if this lack of response was normal and whether or not to worry. I was assured it was normal and things were fine.
Just a few days after that, the artist posted a journal saying that things were fine, they were alive, and would get back to people that wanted refunds. (7)

-August 2014- I sent a note again asking for my refund. The note was neither read nor responded to. (8)
A week later I sent a final note asking for a refund within 24 hours or I would resort to posting an A_B. (9) That was now 2 weeks ago. I believe I also sent a Skype message to the artist within this time period, as their Skype info is posted on their home page, but I don’t know how to go about getting evidence of that.

So now here we are. This is my first post to A_B as well as my first time ever dealing with Livejournal, so I apologize for any mistakes in this. Thank you for your time.