September 1st, 2014


Advice, Cancelling a Trade


So A while back I was doing trades, where I was making fursuit parts, for computer parts in return.
In the agreement for the items (If they had them already), I would make the  item up until about 85% done, then they would ship the parts to me. (then I finish and ship to them)

This way I wasn't getting nothing for my work.

However one of the trades, for some feet paws and a tail, keeps delaying their end of the trade.
They told me they had the parts, and had them in a box and ready.
Well... I have their tail done, and their feet just need the finishing touches. But it's been delayed for... a Couple months now.

The whole point of this was to build a computer before my laptop died.
And with the constant delays (we bought a new w/d, we went to an amusement park, we took a vacation to another state) this is becoming a moot point, especially with PFDs (permanent fund dividends, an Alaskan thing) coming up.
I wanted to do this so people who can't afford parts, but have computer stuff lying around, could get some as well.

I do shipping for my job, I ship airplane models, rcs, etc. The last excuse I got was, "Shipping is too expensive"
Um... I can ship a whole rc Airplane for under $20
Not to mention the $40 out of pocket for pawpads

I'm paying shipping on my half of the trade.

I'm just wonder if by this point It would be best to cancel the trade and just sell the paws..