August 21st, 2014

tony stark, pomeranian

Need advice.

I’m in a bit of a pickle, so I need advice. I ordered a “grab bag” from a fairly popular artist in late June. It cost nearly $100 and included prints of various sizes, books, and a commission. I received an email from them on July 25th saying that they would have everything in the mail by the end of the next week or so. The books had come in, but one of them had misprinted, so we agreed that they would order another one and have it shipped directly to me.

On August 8th I emailed them asking for an update on my order and mentioned that I would be starting college soon and wouldn’t be home to sign/pick-up things once it started. They replied that they had been busy moving, and the the other book still needed to come in so it could be signed (not sent directly to me?), along with some larger prints.

On August 14th I emailed them again, this time explaining that college was starting August 25th and that I needed my order to arrive by that date. I explained that I would be starting college then and would legitimately not be able to pick up or sign for mail, since the local office opens AND closes while I will be away. The post office will not leave packages that won’t fit in the mail box, so they have to be picked up.
They replied that it would arrive by then, for sure.

I received an email from them today (August 21st) saying that they were out-of-state and that the next few weeks would be busy because of health issues, but they would try to get everything mailed by the 25th. They also asked if I had another address that the order could be sent to, which I do not. I replied that, again, I needed it before I started college on the 25th. There’s someone who I can try to pick it up for me, but it is unlikely.

Asking for a refund is out of the question. I just need advice.