August 10th, 2014


Advice on characters you're not sure about?

I recently had someone approach me with a reference and during discussion they said that they wanted the character's name on the badge to be something other than what was on the reference sheet as "they'd had some art theives take her". I reverse image searched the ref and came up with two others, one being stolen (as there were a lot of "this belongs to so-and-so stop stealing" comments and the other being the original owner (not the artist, who had cleaned out their gallery).

The character though was a very generic black wolf with red eyes and emo hair so I wasn't too concerned, but what would you guys do in this situation? (Or if the character was more unique-looking?)

Commissioner beware- Kitty Wolf

I was approached by Kitty Wolf (kitty.wolf.338) on FurryCraigslist (a group on Facebook) as they were asking for badges with fast turnaround for an event.

I did it same day, shipped the next. I even paid for lamination and shipping as I forgot to ask for it in the price quote ($10)

I was a little concerned about the reference they gave me, as I wasn't sure if the character belonged to them or not but chose to do it anyway as it was simple enough and not something like Telephone that is immediately recognizable.

After this weekend I asked AB their opinion on taking commissions from people when you're not sure if their character belongs to them. The consensus was "message the account where you find the ref sheet asking if they are so-and-so on Facebook".

Thinking the issue was over and there was no real problem, I quickly forgot about the post.
I then found these in my email and in my Facebook messages after being made aware of the issue on srslyfurries.

The whole affair has become very upsetting very quickly. Do not do business with Kitty Wolf.

Included in the caps (under the cut) is the reference they sent me.

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