June 21st, 2014

Marketing and Nudity Advice?

Hey guys, I would appreciate advice on a couple of things:

1. To be frank, I suck at marketing and networking. I've read a number of advice columns about the art business, but many of them are in fields I don't work in and many more are pretty vague, basically saying "Get yourself out there!" without going into specifics on how to do that. On top of that, I have a strange fear of talking to people about my art, and sometimes in general (though I am slowly getting over that). That plus I have no idea where to begin, and it's just overwhelming and making me nervous. My question is: what do you guys do for marketing? Do you comment on everything, link stuff, what? Do you have a business plan and schedule for marketing? How do you draw in your business?

2. I'm moving soon and while looking for a job in the new area, I was hoping to do commissions on the side (assuming I can actually market successfully). I know adult art draws in more money than clean art, and while I'm not comfortable with drawing explicit porn, just general nudity is fine. However, I'm also trying to go pro in the future and was concerned if drawing that (especially with furries) would hurt me. Obviously I'm not stupid enough to go up to a potential employer and show him naked furries, but I'm wondering if having that on the internet would get me in trouble, even if it is away from my main portfolio. Or do they not even care about that in the professional industry so long as you aren't advertising yourself with it?

3. Relating to #2, I know some people charge more for porn, which is understandable, but is it ethical to charge more for just nudity pictures? I don't mean like Barbie doll anatomy, but with actual genitals, but not actually porn either.

Thank you for reading!