June 12th, 2014

Furbuy Advise.

Seem like I've been having a strain of bad luck.

I won a auction from Furbuy about close to a month ago, May 13th. It was a pre-owned fursuit head.

Didn't meet the reserve price but I was really after this head, I contacted the seller to see if we can meet at a price. We did, the seller told me he could have it shipped out when the payment was sent, during our conversation they told me they were out of the country and would send it when they got back by the 25th. Not a problem. So I sent the payment on the 19th.

I waited till about the 29th to ask if he had sent it, asking for a tracking number. Got a response saying some personal things happened and would be shipped the next say and providing a TN. I understood and was okay with it.

The 29th has been the last I've heard from them and I'm beginning to feel nervous. I sent another email asking for an update but no reply, I've looked on their FA to see if I can get a hold of them any other way and was left with a dead end. I've spent 380 and don't want to go past the 45 day mark for paypal.

Should I email again? When would it be okay to do a charge back? I would think the head should be here by now if they shipped it.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Filed dispute. Now have to wait and see if they respond with a TN. Thanks everyone for your advise!

I have won the claim and will be getting my refund. But found some concerning things about this seller.

Advice on payments?

Hello again!

I've been holding onto a premade fursuit head for about 3+ months now. The buyer paid half of the owed money back in late February/early March.

I'm VERY frustrated. I understand they're going through some stuff right now involving their own health (a pregnancy), but I keep getting promised the remaining amount "by the end of the month"... And it's been 3 months. Every month they say this.

I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I can't financially afford to pay them back the money and attempt to re-sell the head because I may not be able to re-sell it.
I sent them a friendly note asking when they'll pay again and reminded them that they've been saying that they will ending with a no show.