June 10th, 2014

Aldrea Tico

Working for Charity Advice

So, I have a bit more of a question to ask people here for advice about the situation I've been recently finding myself in and know is going to go and how to protect myself and my rights as an artist.

I work often for a charity run by a scientist and frequently create art for them to use on their website, promotion, papers or even in court cases.
(Examples: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2012-10-30-MorganRakeMarksHuffPost.jpg
http://www.freemorgan.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/help-morgan-facebook.png )

I've also lately been creating art towards the movement I stand by which I allow people to use free of charge under the assumption nothing is used for profit.
(Examples: http://okura.deviantart.com/art/Who-is-Shamu-Poster-411168698
http://fav.me/d7gr5zw )

My situation comes from lately that I have had a lot more of the organizations take notice of my work and are keen to get me to make stuff for them. Some are asking for freebies and others want to pay for it so they can sell it and a lot of other situations.

Thing is, the scientist I work for a few other select charities I work with, I will do free of charge, but others I would charge. The scientist I work alongside personally and she knows my restrictions and respects them.
Others, not so much...

I'm wanting some advice and suggestions on how to protect myself with this.
Like, how should I react if a company is wanting to purchase the rights of an image I make them to sell items?
What do I do if I discover them doing it without my permission?
How should I react to a charity accusing me of offering one organization freebies but not theirs?

And anything else anyone can suggest is important I should know.

Thanks in advance guys!
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WHO: cicatrizESP/Rabid/makeshiftwings

WHERE: www.furaffinity.net/user/cicatrizesp

WHAT: It was going to be a simple waist-up, flat-color digital commission that was supposedly going to cost $10. She contacted me personally wanting to draw my character.

WHEN: What got me suspicious was that she asked for five dollars more to cover Paypal fees…Off. When it got bad was the ignoring for months on end just for a single update, she has no list if there are other commissions going on or journals telling what is going on except she is trying to get active again but then disappearing AGAIN. I wanted to do a claim, but since I gifted stupidly I cannot get it back, nor can I get a refund with my ignored reply obviously.

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