June 2nd, 2014

I detect fuckery

Follow up to previous post regarding questionable TOS

I'll preface this post by saying I'm sorry I didn't listen to you guys, because now I feel like I'm in a mess.

From the original post:
Recently I was accepted to create content for a comic, but the lack of communication and hazy guidelines are becoming a concern for me. I'm looking for advice how I might move forward.
Here's a rough layout of the events... (read more)

The organizer sent out this mass email (all names have been omitted throughout this post)
May 21
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let you know the state of----- right now. Currently 16 pages have been submitted, including the centerfold (2p) and the cover (not included). The minimum posting size is 24 pages. 32 is preferable. I'm still working to recruit more artists and get enough work in to publish. Hopefully soon! If you end up having more to contribute, feel free to send it my way.

 As of now, this client has really worked my patience with the lack of reasonable communication. The only time this client actually responded to my emails was to ask for alterations to the files I sent. I also emailed asking how my friends and I could preorder this book since we wouldn't be at the AC debut, and that email wasn't answered either. When they needed a centrefold, my friends and I managed to pool our resources together and get one done in less than 48 hours to meet this clients April 25th deadline (note the email mentioning a deficit of content wasn't dispatched until almost a month later).

I originally did this work as a side project with the encouragement of a friend, but now it's turned into a stressful hassle, and the pay isn't that great to make up for the stringent reproduction rules.
This is their current payment plan:
Money from ----- submissions are made by online sales through ------ and at-con sales by ----- and comic artists. Payments are sent to myself, and I divvy payment between the contributors. Money is split by comic, and to each artist by submission number. Pin ups pay less than comic pages. Otherwise, an artist is paid by their page submission/total pages of the comic (For example: submitting a 5 page comic out of a 25 page anthology would yield 20%). This is based off net profit, which is after a 5% cut is taken for the ------ organizers, to cover cost of shipping to conventions, table space, etc.
Payments are sent out twice a year, around October and May. Payments are sent via snail mail and check, or through PayPal. Any fees associated with PayPal are the responsibility of the artist/author. (Isn't this against Paypal rules?)

When I previously read the guidelines, I asked if I could sell the original of the works in the AC artshow (since the pay for the project seemed low). The original works are lacking the backgrounds and shading added digitally, but the client didn't answer and just referred me to a FAQ. Reading this over again, I feel really silly having agreed to this project, but I also feel like a jerk pulling my work when they seem to be desperate. At the same time, the lack of communication has me feeling like they might not pay me on time (or at all) either. What started as a labor of love has quickly become a labor of my patience.
I haven't signed anything, would it be out of line for me to withdraw my work from the publications?
Thanks for your help, guys, I feel like I've really dug myself into a hole on this one. :C