June 1st, 2014


So somebody purchased something from me and I shipped it out via PayPal/eBay shipping.
Turns our usps asked for COD collect on delivery. This person has been extremely rude the entire time I've dealt with them and now they want a refund.
Is it scummy to not refund shipping because I did ship the package and usps fucked up?
I offered to reship it once I got it back, but they just want their money. So I'll end up loosing money if I refund with shipping.

Thoughts? I don't want to be a scumbag about this but I can't really afford loosing money. Thanks :/

Edit: Worked it out. Thanks everybody! I apparently used a flat rate express box and didn't realize it. I'm surprised they didn't just go by the actual shipping label, and went by the box instead but I don't ship that often. Going to refund them the total amount when I get my package back in my hand. Thanks everybody for the advice!

Artist Beware - SugarFactory

WHO: FA - SugarFactory / StarFruitStudios / Kahuna. / gummifruit
DA - aloharilakkuma
Tumblr - sugargalaxy
Twitter - kahunaotter

WHAT: 5 Yards of Black DF Fur for $85

WHEN: (September 6th, 2013) September 7th, 2013 to PRESENT

PROOF: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0tqg6k20tdhk3xr/AADvRCIJd3E8TEwq1VVTNWnYa

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I've also emailed Dragoneer about this, because more people need to come forth. Some people are still being very nice and waiting patiently, but some of us are sick of it.

EDIT: Immediately after submitting this post the second time (had to make a few edits) I had left a comment on her page stating I was making an A_B post she noted me, and sent me my refund of $85. I told her I would make this edit as soon as it was poste, but I would not remove the entry as she still owes so many people money.