May 29th, 2014


Artist Beware - StarFruitStudios/SugarFactory/Kahuna.

WHO: FA - SugarFactory / StarFruitStudios / Kahuna. / gummifruit
DA - aloharilakkuma
Tumblr - sugargalaxy
Twitter - kahunaotter


WHAT: Premade Design Partial Suit - Wish the Husky for $180

WHEN: July 13, 2013 to Present Day


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EDIT: I was contacted by sugarfactory on 6/1/2014 and notified that she will be mailing out a money order for the amount owed on Monday, 6/2/2014. I will update this entry again once I have received it!

EDIT2: Money Order was received on 6/5/14 for the full amount owed. Case can now be considered resolved.

BlueWolfCheetah/Kayla's Kritterz

What: $300 of faux fur with cigarette smoke smell
When: May 12 onwards
Proof/Explain: BlueWolfCheetah posted some images up on their FurAffinity gallery selling off their stock of faux fur (those have since been deleted since all the fur was sold, so I wasn't able to get screen shots of those). In total, I ended up buying $300 worth of fur from them. Emails one, two, and three detail what I bought initially ($255 invoice and payment). I bought an additional $55 worth of fur slightly later on their submission on FA (invoice and payment).

Their user page said that they had pets, which wasn't an issue as I also have pets. I received the fur a few days later, the second smaller shipment arriving shortly after. When I opened the fur however, I noticed all of it smelled like cigarette smoke more than a little bit. When I asked the seller if the furs came from a smoking household (which is something I've seen sellers warn about before out of courtesy), she said it did but the smoker's room was on the other side of the house and shouldn't be noticeable.

Communication up to that point was fairly quick, I'd get a response within hours if not minutes of my messages. After that response it took multiple emails from me and closer to a day/a day and a half to get a reply. When I told them that yes, there was a definite smoke smell to the fur and it was going to be unusable, all they said was to repeat that it shouldn't be noticeable, and maybe I should try to febreeze it or hang it up.

I replied back saying that I had tried that with no effect, and had to completely saturate the fur in baking soda and vinegar multiple times to get rid of the smell and wasn't happy with having to spend money on things that I had bought to fix a problem that I was not told about, and received no reply back. I sent another email asking for a small refund to help cover the cost of the cleaning supplies I had to buy, and have yet to receive a reply.

Edit: resolved, partial refund recieved