May 7th, 2014

Advice - How to deal with nit-picky customers

First of all, I am a long time lurker of this site, but just now decided to post. I've never used LiveJournal before so I sincerely apologize if I make a mess of things.

This is a problem that happens to me a lot. I pride myself in being a pretty flexible artist, having good comunication with the client and overall getting a good picture with as much accuracy as possible. However this has lent itself to several clients going a little overboard with changes to the point of being a headache, especially when they want something changed "but they don't quite know why/what" or "this line looks out of place, please change it"

I know there are several ways of dealing with this problem, such as charging after a certain amount of changes, but it leaves me a bit sour in the mouth since it can suggest to potential clients that you might purposely mess up in order to charge them extra. Other options include charging these nit-picky individuals extra just for being them or refusing business from them outright.

My TOS is due an update and I would love to address this issue. If you could share with me your methods or suggestions it'd be much appreciated!

Thank you very much everyone! I'm really glad my concerns were unfounded. I think I will go as many of you suggested with a numbered free changes before charging, especially on sketch phase. Again thank you very much!