May 6th, 2014

Commissioner Beware : 12Strider

EDIT : All sorted and I got the money back.

WHO: and James Toxics Peters on Facebook , where most talking took place

WHERE: Facebook.

WHAT: $10 Digital Colored sketch

WHEN: March 26th, 2014 the commission was taken , commission was done on the April 17th, 2014 , money was "taken" back on April 30th , 2014

PROOF: all Proof Is in Drop box , If I need to add more screen shots just ask.

EXPLAIN: everything was Fine for the commission, communication was perfect with him , he would reply after about 5 minutes of me speaking to him , We did all talking over Facebook since I had him on my friends list for a while and everything was fine , I gave him his finished commission as seen - - and he Said he loved it, The problems Started on the 30th of April.

I use My husbands paypal as I keep forgetting to set my own up and he had gotten an email saying someone had done a Charge back for $10 , I was confused as I hadn't had any commissions for a bit and no one had said anything to me , so I found the name and Messaged Toxic as seen in "proof", He was fast as normal and Told me he would sort it , saying it was a paypal Charging back the wrong person , Which makes no sense , I wouldn't think that could happen , he said It also happened to another friend. Me being me I left it be and Told him to keep me updated.

I asked If there was any updates or news since I thought It would be a fast and easy fix for him to do and I got an Alarming thing back " My parents kinda stopped me " , I told him right off to get it sorted right away , It may of only been $10 but Still That is money out of the paypal , I gave him till the next day to get it sorted , that's a hurry I know but I wanted to show I wasn't going to take any Lies , I gave him 3 days with little Messages to just remind him , he had seen them all but Was ignoring them all which has annoyed me.

he still comments on other peoples things and comes online often, after a bit of digging around to find out something I was told by someone this " I'm not upset or annoyed or anything with her, it's just I need to sort things and being offline will help " about me. I have not even been given an update from him saying " I am sorting it out" Just" I had to dig to find out what is happening and It doesn't even give me a little bit of an idea of what is going on.

Id normally give someone more than a couple days to sort something out but I have been given nothing to red flags everywhere by him. it happened to someone else with him according to him , paypal making a mess up on which person to charge back? , His parents telling him not to do anything? and ignoring my messages and then him telling a friend he will be offline instead of updating me and keeping me in the loop

I never wanted to go to artist beware but all my messages are getting no where.

I am also sorry for any Crammer problems with this post , I couldn't find anyone to proof read.

I have no idea what to do at this point , I will just have to wait and see now. so Beware because I may not be the only one with this happening to me.

edit: He has Finally Started to talk to me again , I didn't know he was 17 I really need to check peoples ages from now .