April 25th, 2014

Lost contact: Schkyzm / Shitlord

Hello, A_B!

Back in 2010 I commissioned Schkyzm of dA (also known as shitlord here on LiveJournal) for a traditional-media portrait of $30 USD. Progress has been very slow, and the last WIP I received from them was mid-2012. Since then I have attempted to contact them through LiveJournal and email** for further progress, but have not received any responses since 2012, and I know of no other live avenues of contact for them. This is quite a long shot but I am hoping that perhaps someone in the crowd here at A-B may know where she has gone or of any methods of contact for her, or she herself may see it and get back to me.

Any help would be much appreciated!

**To be entirely clear, the email address used was pulled from memory as all original posts pertaining to commission payment / general contact have since been long purged from their LJ; so there is a very good chance that the email I did send didn't reach them due to some error on my part in typing.

Advice on money being owed?

Hello all,

Recently I was paying off a pre-owned fursuit when I decided to opt out shortly after I had sent the first payment. The whole ordeal seemed kinda suspicious to me, the owner wouldn't send me new photos of the suit's current state and they wouldn't reply to me right away as they would with other clients. I wasn't the first person to back out from this suit, 3 other people before me had done the same thing.

It's over a month since I had requested a refund and I have only received $100 out of $450. I was promised $200 on the 1st but had gotten $100 a week later instead.

I had asked and the owner won't be giving me back the full $450 because 1) I had opted out a day or two after I put down the payment and 2) they just purchased a house so my money was spent right away. 2 weeks ago I was told that I would be sent the rest of the money this week and haven't gotten anything. I just sent them an e-mail asking what was up.

I'm extremely wary because they just sold a few more pre-owned fursuits and haven't decided to pay me back, let alone get in touch with me...

What should I do in a case like this? I'm trying to just get my money back at this point. I don't think I'm the only one; I had asked the people who backed out before me and they said that it took them a long time to get all of their payment back. The person apparently spends the money right away.