March 31st, 2014

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WHO: BooPeep on FurAffinity (also macaron and cupcakesheep on FA)


WHAT: Traditional art piece.

WHEN: Initial contact, conversation/agreement, and transaction on February 27, 2013; inquiry by me and response/extra art offer on August 15, 2013; contact by me requesting solid timeframe of one more month on January 19, 2014; response, image of free art, and last personal contact on January 20, 2014; journal post by artist on March 5, 2014. Overall, roughly one year and one month to date.

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I detect fuckery

Contract Advice - Updated

Recently I was accepted to create content for a comic, but the lack of communication and hazy guidelines are becoming a concern for me. I'm looking for advice how I might move forward.
Here's a rough layout of the events, I'll try to make it as cut and dry as possible for efficiency's sake. Let me know if you need more details.
1. I received contact offering me a spot in the comic
2. I read over the guidelines, and sent in my sketches to make sure they fit the criteria
3. Sketches approved, I completed 1/2 of the images using their formatting templates
4. I asked if I'm allowed to sell the originals/prints of my work, they say no: I'm not allowed to redistribute them at all, online or otherwise. At the time I thought 'that makes sense, given that they want to sell the comic'. Later I remembered that another contributing artist has sold the original of their one of their pieces, and sells prints in one of their portfolios.
5. When turning in my first finished piece, I mention I've seen another contributing artist (didn't name them) selling prints and the original of their contribution, and asked if they were aware of this, because I'd really like to sell my originals too.
6. Without acknowledging my questions, they reply asking me to convert my piece into CMYK for printing and resubmit it.
7. On Mar 20, 2014, I ask if they had received my email asking about selling my originals. As of this writing I have not received a reply, and have not turned in the converted file.

No money has currently changed hands, and this is the current business model they're working with (From their FAQ):
"Payments are sent to myself, and I divvy payment between the contributors. Money is split by comic, and to each artist by submission number. Pin ups pay less than comic pages. Otherwise, an artist is paid by their page submission/total pages of the comic (For example: submitting a 5 page comic out of a 25 page anthology would yield 20%). This is based off net profit, which is after a 5% cut is taken for the organizers, to cover cost of shipping to conventions, table space, etc."

Is this common for small publishers?  Would it be wise to back out of this project?
I'm really worried there's a degree of favoritism happening here (because furries), and I don't feel comfortable with that.

Thanks in advance for any helpful input you can offer!

UPDATE: I contacted the artist in question, and they had worked something out before agreeing to create content for the first book. It appears they got into this project with the same intent as myself, not as much for money, but for exposure and something for my fans to enjoy. I've not signed any contract (I wasn't offered one), but I'm going to move forward with the project on the word from the other artist that these guys are decent folks.
Thank you all for your input, I'll definitely bookmark this post's comments for future reference! 

Should artists allow commissioners to commission in private or should there be a fee involved?

Sorry for all the questions lately but this group really gives good feedback lol

Anyway something else that I've been pondering. I'm one of those people that has some weird fetishes and such and like to commission some weird out of the ordinary pics from artists. I'm a little self-conscious about when the pic gets done and posted because I'm a little afraid of what other people put in the comments. I know there's that thing about "if you don't like it, dont comment", yet there always seems to be those few people that comment on a commission calling it weird and other stuff. I have asked for a few pics to be private in the past cause I wasnt ready to see the feedback on them but I'm much more open about sharing pics with others. However whenever I asked if a pic could be private, I would sometimes be told that there would be a privacy fee involved so instead of just paying the extra money, I just sucked it up and had it posted.

I guess my main question here is should artists allow commissioners to keep their pics private with no extra costs or should artists tag on a fee for commissioners requesting private pics?