March 20th, 2014

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Bidder Beware: Reyne_Hoshi RESOLVED

Who: Reyne_Hoshi


What: an adoptable design auction that he placed a $5 bid on (it was design #1)

When: he won the auction on March 6, but he hasn't answered my PMs since then


Explain: I held up a double design auction for 24 hours (from March 5-6). For every auction, I usually put a disclaimer that the winning bidder must pay within 2 weeks maximum after the auction ends (giving them time to get money in their PayPal account), but if they don't pay on time, then the auction offer goes to the next highest bidder.

Reyne had place a bid on design #1 with $5 and won. I've sent him a PM with my PayPal address to send $5 to. Days went by, and I hadn't heard anything from him nor did I receive his payment (I've checked my email and PayPal as of today, but nothing yet).

On March 16, I've sent him a polite reminder that he's got 4 more days to pay for the design, but as of today, the message was left read and ignored. I guess I'm out of $5, so at this point, I had to blacklist him from future auction offers and I'll be re-auctioning design #1 very soon.

I advise others to be wary of him when offering auctions.

ETA: Reyne responded to my message tonight with an apology. Screencap here.

Also, I got the adopt re-auctioned on my main account, and hopefully the design would find a new home.

ETA 2: A year after the incident, and on Reyne's promise to pay promptly as asked, I've now removed him from the blacklist and would consider this resolved.
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Question: How do YOU go about commissions?

I've seen lots of advice posts but none really about this.
Would any one care to go through there commission process? From start to finish? maybe examples with hick ups as well?

I ask because I feel like I am going wrong some where with how I am working on commissions, and I have found it hard to tell exactly how other artists go through the process. I feel like I am putting to much on my plate but I don't understand how peoples lists/queues/ect work?

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Also, sorry if this is a weird topic. It was just something I had been thinking about a bit.