March 18th, 2014

Commission Fraud MroczniaK

WHO: MroczniaK


Two full pictures ($60 value) and free shipping ($16) for $47 worth of copic markers (about 5 or 6 copic markers). I told her that I have 29 (roughly $200) that I am willing to trade for. We settled on a poster commission with two characters, which was later reduced to one character and one animal.

In 2012, she made a journal about a special commission offer, she was accepting copic markers as payment.

May-June 2012, I commissioned her, and we were discussing what we were going to do. We settled on a poster commission with two characters

September 2012, unfortunately I didn't give her references until then. However, I have already paid her back in May, and still today (March 2014) I have not received what I paid for.
The commission was now reduced to one character and one animal.

October 2012, I asked for an update and an estimated completion date. She said she only has half a sketch.

December 2012, I asked for another update.

January 2013, I asked for another update, an estimated completion date, and a threat to expose her bad work ethics. She said she now has more free time to really finish it soon. She also provided a sketch.

June 2013, I asked for another update since she keeps on accepting and completing other commissions. She said she has exams.

November 2013, I told her this was ridiculous as she continues to accepts and completes other commissions, and she shows no courtesy to inform me of any delays or progress. I asked for a refund.

December 2013, she keeps reposting her journal asking for commissions. I posted a comment, along with other people she scammed.

January 2014, because everyone she scammed was making so much noise, she finally finished my commission. But it was nothing like I asked for.

EXPLAIN: From the time I gave her these references in September 2012 to January 2014 and for a payment of 29 copic markers (roughly $200), do I get rushed work. I never said I didn't like her style, but the fact that she couldn't be accurate, with no desires to fix anything is frustrating! Granted, I understand nobody wants to fix a commission if the references wasn't clear enough. But in this case, it wasn't.
I asked her to fix the lip color, the color of the dress, add the hem design, add the lace, change the ribbon color on her and the penguin, and the nail color. This was all shown and stated in the references I provided.

Seriously, for a commission that was reduced to one character and an animal, why is this so hard?

She said she was going to fix it, but she doesn’t tell me that. She told another commissioner about it so she doesn’t lose her business.

But now it’s March 2014, and she decided to repost her commission info, but this time she's including posters.

She obviously has no intention of fixing my commission or let alone SHIP what I paid for. I have already given up hope of ever getting what I paid for, and it's really disappointing to see her fool other people into giving her money.