March 14th, 2014

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WHO: Amanda Ford on Facebook, Calypsnight


WHAT: She was selling Fur and I bought some

WHEN: Purchased July 8, 2013


EXPLAIN: I bought fur from Amanda and made the dumb mistake of asking her told hold the fur for me until I moved. My previous address had a spiteful landlord that would go through our things and start stuff because I had extra money to spend after giving them rent. I wanted to avoid this by having Amanda send my stuff to my new address when I moved. I could have bought fur online but I wanted what she had because I didn't need full yards, only pieces which is why I bought so early to make sure I got the fur.

Things started off great. She was friendly, decent respond times and she even had the label printed the same day. Though when it came time for her to ship to me she became distant and hard to reach. I tired to be patient and give her space but its very clear she isn't coming back. Took it up with paypal and they gave me a credit so money is no longer the concern. Its just the principle of the matter. I was promised a refund as well as the fur, which I didn't get.

Lessons were learned. I now know to never do a transaction that takes longer than the 45 day dispute time and it really pays to be a top seller on Ebay. Do yourself a favor and get on Paypal's good side. They will have your back like they did mine.
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Beware: Starfinder/Kannos

WHO: Kannos, Starfinder, Astray, etc.

WHERE:,, although this commission was not initiated in either of those places.

WHAT: An extensive traditional painting with full background of a tribal wolf character in a forest/jungle by a waterfall.

WHEN: July of 2005.  That is not a typo.  2005.  A brief timeline follows.

  • Commission initiated in 2005.  Had found Starfinder's work online, really liked it, decided I'd commission her.  This was my first real commission attempt in the fandom, back when I was apparently a bit too trusting.  Agreed on large traditional piece, full background, agreed upon price of $900.

  • Initial payment of $450 paid on July 15, 2005.

  • Soon thereafter, Starfinder expressed concern that she had a car insurance expense.  Since, at that point, the commission had been going well, along with her stating that it would be done very soon (in a matter of a week or two), I decided to be kind and help out, giving her the remaining amount due of $450 in the assumption I would not have long to wait.  And I guess that was my mistake; now that she had her money, she had no reason to ever finish the piece.

  • Image of the paypal (thanks to Starfinder, actually - she sent this to me because, in the AB post from May regarding the petition to get her back on FA I had finally come out and mentioned my commission experience with her, and she didn't care for me saying 'almost $1000' therein).

  • Communication continued, for a while... I would ping her regularly on IM and email, she would respond with the 'really soon', or comment about the reasons she hadn't had chance yet.  It became harder and harder to get in touch with her over time, and eventually she stopped responding altogether.  I continued to ping, as the years went by, every 6 months or so.

  • Now the AB post in May of 2013 came about (  Finally I decided to say something.  I hadn't posted before, because of the (foolish) hope that maybe she'd come round and my associated fear that if I posted something she'd take offense and I'd lose that 1% chance of ever getting my piece.  Please feel free to read that AB post and see my (much abridged) story there.  Any proof required of the existence and acknowledgement of this particular commission is contained within Starfinder's own responses there.

  • Starfinder says she will make good on it.  Of course, it's not going to be what I originally wanted - she doesn't want to do traditional any more.  But at this point, I figured anything would be better than nothing.

  • And then the Starfinder Past-Due Shout-Out (  Further acknowledgement, and she actually started doing preliminary sketches.  Perhaps something would finally come of this!

  • And.... no.  I immediately offered feedback on said sketches, was communicating via email with her, and then... silence.  It seems to coincide with the failure of the petition to get her back on FA.  I have sent emails asking for just a response, but have gotten nothing.  The last email I received from her was Oct 5, 2013.  I have sent successive ones since, but nothing.

EXPLAIN: Most of it's up there in 'WHEN'.  All I can say is, this has caused me a LOT of grief and heartache over the years.  I would have been happier throwing that money in a fire, because then at least it was over and done with, rather than being strung along for so many years, coupled with the feeling of being scammed.  I have been completely polite and courteous throughout the ENTIRE situation, and bent over backwards to accommodate all her crises and excuses.  I'm thoroughly fed up.  This was my first commission attempt, and soured me on the whole thing for several years afterwards.  For those who know me and my character, I get a lot of art done these days, and usually from really awesome artists.  And I'm happy that I finally was able to make the attempt at commissioning again.  Thank you to ALL those other artists who made the commissioning process a wonderful one; you've made me a happier Utunu, and I made it so I did not completely lose my faith in the process. :)
Please feel free, in the comments, if any of you would like me to speak further on any aspects of this rather sordid tale. :) I'd be happy to answer.  Right now, what I really want?  I want a refund.  I wanted traditional, she doesn't want to do that.  And you know what?  Anything I did get, after almost 9 years, would feel tainted anyhow.  I had better sign off here, before I start ranting too much. :)
And mods, please let me know if you need anything further for this AB post.  I haven't done this before, so hopefully this is sufficient.

Artist-CelestialGoddess [Resolved]

WHO: CelestialGoddess, FurryRoseart, Daemon-Goddess

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: Tracing and attempting to resell

WHEN: March 6th 2014, 8am


I was linked to this image ( <--NSFW) by another user at 8:55am. I opened it out of curiousity and it spoke for itself.
Barely less than ten hours ago i had uploaded this:
An overlay of the image was done (
I called her out about it. She takes the image down and writes this ( ) Claiming it was "Completely by myself" <---- yeah. no. She then deletes that journal and makes this one: (

I then propose that if she supposedly drew it on her own, she should have no problem recreating it or at least getting pretty damn close. My direct words were "we can both redraw the image using the one I drew as a reference." She 'accepts' the challenge.

I went in her stream under the alias Vic Shaw. She apparently made it up in her mind that the challenge was to 'redraw it without any reference'. It wasn't. Her end result, none the less, was this: <--NSFW

I responded with my own stream.
Doing one image with a ref and one without:

Point of it being if you did draw it 'yourself' or even had a decent grasp on could indeed at least get very close with a ref. And at LEAST get a somewhat similar structure without.
...i'll let her 'proof' speak on it's own here.

I'm also quite certain it's a trace because even if a decent artist did ref my pose (i'm FULLY aware you can't copy right a pose), they'd either A. realize the leg farthest from the viewer is bad. I just gave up on it because it was originally just a doodle for fun. or B. change it at least slightly because it helps maintain some bit of originality in the pose of the new work and C. Extremely heavy referencing...especially if it's being sold has been KNOWN to cause issues to arise (i can link an example of a situation if needed/wanted)

Here is also the recording of my drawing as proof of use of ref and use without:

I also turned my cam on during it as proof that it was me and blah blah which i can also upload if that even comes into speculation.
I just cropped it out of the video to avoid looking like i was having an exorcism while that was playing at such a fast speed lolol.

This "artist" has had problems before as well. As seen on her old account in this journal here: (the account is not deactivated)

I am unsure whether her 'past' issues were trace related or simply riding the coat tails of a style (which im aware isn't defended here) but I figured it was relevant. I also have screen shots of a note exchange between the previous artist she had issues with just confirming if she had with the same person i have.

As of July 29th 2014 a journal was posted by celestialgoddess/pagancraft apologizing for and admitting to tracing.
Found here (or in case of deletion: )
While I personally am irked she dragged the lie out and played victim for as long as she did.
This is technically resolved with her agreement to not make the same mistake yet another time around.
I will say that if at any point, any further nonsense occurs I won't hesitate to reopen this.