March 5th, 2014

Question: Is there an appropriate wait time on commissions?

This is something I've been wondering for a bit now and was just curious on what other commissioners and artists think about this. There have been a few times where I've waited almost a year for a simple commission to get done and lately I've been thinking about how long a commissioner should wait before say following up on progress of their commission or asking for a refund. For me, unless and artist states in their commission info or in commission journals that there is a long wait on commissions, I usually anticipate a 2 month wait tops. Now granted, artists have outside lives too such as school, family, friends, work, etc. Yet when you're doing commissions, you have to be able to find a balance between your art life and your real life right? I don't know, there are several other factors that can cause me to request a refund after a short period. If I see the artist doing tons of personal pics and such and neglecting commissions, jumping around the commission order list, etc. Again, just curious. Any feedback would be great!

Comm- Beware Kellster Kitten

WHO: Kellster Kitten, Kellytoons, Phathomfeet (black and rainbow kitten)


WHAT: Head commission. Basic toony kitten head built off of an outsourced Resin base (pre-cut and hinged)

Ref Sheet:

WHEN: Purchased in May 2013, Shipped February 18th 2014

Terms of service:
8. In my terms of service, it specifies that we have a warranty on all of our products to fix or adjust them for free.
9. Here, she tells someone I told her that I would not fix her head nor did she trust me to fix it for reasons I’m unaware of.

EXPLAIN: Instead of asking me or even telling me to fix these things (which it states in my TOS that it is covered by my warranty for construction flaws, It also states that I have the right to refuse service, which I am promptly setting in place after this uproar), She neglected to go a professional route but instead, decided I am not to be trusted so, I’m assuming to this nature, would not allow me to fix these things.

She also claimed that I had tried to scam her out of shipping money. This accusation was on a previous post she deleted before I could screen cap it but here is how it actually happened:

She is now saying that I owe her a free head. It’s ridiculous to say the least and I am not the only one who was held to invisible expectations. I’m posting this so that anyone who deals with her can either know what to expect or decline her commission all together.