February 25th, 2014

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Mod Post; Furaffinity Liaison Announcement

While we realize this has already made the rounds in other social media outlets and communities, the staff of Artist Beware would like to announce with unhappy hearts that Bazeel was let go from his Administrative position at FurAffinity.

This means officially that A_B no longer has any recourse to verify scamming FA users with multiple accounts, and the like.

We are also not currently aware of how FA plans to handle tickets regarding scammers, but all we can do is tell you to file them and hope for the best.

We'd also like to take this moment to thank Bazeel for all he has done for us, and the community of FA; to keep users protected from scamming individuals both seller and buyer.

We all wish him the best.


A while back I took a collab commission with another user. My line art, their colors. All previous collabs with this person had gone swell. I received the info, and completed my half. I sent the note from the commissioner plus my lines to the other artist, and I received an OK to continue from the artist. I left it at that.

Months go by and I found the line art again, so I noted the commissioner and asked if they ever got the finished image. They had not. I asked the artist about it and they said I never sent the lines or the info, which was wrong as I made sure via Skype they had them when I finished.

The commissioner told me they tried to contact the other artist in December and got a very rude response, and heard nothing from them since.

I triple checked I sent everything off and assured the commissioner I had, and asked if there was anything I could do to make it up to them. They declined.

I have since asked the artist for updates with no responses. I have also asked the commissioner if they got anything, to which they said no as well. The other artists has not made any effort to contact them.

The other artist is doing personal and other commission work.
They also made no attempts during the months to ask me for the line art and info, despite claiming I never sent it.
They have not replied to me at all.

Im not sure what to do.
I feel bad about it, but the commissioner has declined anything from me when I offer.
How long should I wait before contacting the artist again? How firm should I be?

Thanks for the advice, but I actually didn't need to use it. They gave me the finished image and I sent it off to the commissioner.