December 20th, 2013

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Beware; Ryoa

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Around August end; 18/19/20th, I accepted a trade with the FA user Ryoa. We had swapped characters, both accepted and agreed on swapping flat color full bodies. I completed my half a few days later and waited for theirs. I left a shout along the lines of 'Can you draw him? LINK, What would you like me to draw?' I have no proof of this shout as Ryoa's shouts cut off.
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Edit; People have brought up their age, of 14. I was not aware of this when we had agreed to the trade, as it was not stated on the FA profile, where the transaction took place. I assumed they was of age because they stated on the profile they were a graphic design and engineering student. They also state this on their dA profile as well. They age may be their fursonas age.

Edit #2; I have contacted them many times on Tumblr, all of which they have ignored. They only responded to my original tumblr ask which is posted above. I have asked multiple times for them to get in touch, and if they could rescan the image they drew. They are active. I have 'asked' via a tumblr so they can respond as well, and they have not. They also have a new spam of shouts from a friend on their FA profile, unsure if this is to push mine off or not.

Edit #3
Today I have finally received my half.
I posted a journal publicly (with no names) and they finally contacted me, and I gave them a hard deadline for the image to be fixed. They told me they could rescan it but then latter said they couldn't, so they redrew it.

On the 18th they told me they sent me the image via tumblr, which I never got, and I replied that. They did reply with it on the 21st.
The image had the feet wrong which I asked them to fix in my reply that day. I had to hunt them down on tumblr to get a response. I got the edits just now on the 31st.

All in all Im happy to finally get my half, but the fact that I literally had to hunt them down, and all the lies put a bad taste in my mouth.

This can be marked as resolved.
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Beware - Dogbone on IB

WHO: Dogbone / Rainbow


WHAT:Livestream Sketch commission for 35 bucks

WHEN: from beginning to mid october to current.  awaiting any further communication

PROOF: here's a ss of my payment to her on the 4th

Hey there everyone this is my first and hopefully only post I have to make here.  I commissioned Dogbone over on inkbunny back in the beginning / middle of october when she was doing some in stream sketch comms.  I've been boned over by artists in the past who've just taken my money and never delivered product so I figured a stream where I watch them make the art was a safe bet.  everything seemed fine.  I watched the stream and when the time came I watched her draw my character in a pin up feral pose and then I submitted my payment to her paypal.  afterwhich we exchanged thank you's and went our separate ways as I began to wait for her to send it to me in email / upload it to her gallery for viewing / downloading.  2 weeks passed and several of her submissions came and went and I never heard or saw anything about my picture.  So I sent her a note on IB. asking what was up.

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So I submit this warning here, it seems that she's doing work which is great for those who receive it but this is but a complain from the one whom seems to be getting tossed through the ringer.