December 19th, 2013

Artists Beware: Apes

WHO: Apes / DarkApes

WHERE: FA accounts: x (nsfw account) x x Her Twitter:
Ordered over her main account Apes

WHAT: Tail Badge - 27 GBP / $42,37

WHEN: March 15th 2013

PROOF: Proof of ordering here. Here would be the transaction.

EXPLAIN: I wasn't going to post it at first, but after ANOTHER missed deadline I was getting tired of the lies.
In March I found Apes on FA and saw she had the tail badges open. They looked cool so I wanted to order one and so I did. I noted her about it on how much it is all together and it came to 26 GBP, a lot of money for someone who only earns money through art, but I thought it would be worth it.

I gave no deadline whatsoever but after a while I saw YCH auctions hosted and done the same week, again another YCH piece with several poses and again done the same week. I saw many artworks getting done before me and I felt a bit neglected as customer as I received no update whatsoever. In april she posted a journal where she stated she would work on the tail badges the next week. So that means near end of April I should expect my badge, thus I waited.

Begin May I figured that wasn't going to happen, so I noted her about the progress, no estimate time was given when I asked for it. I'm a patient person so I was willing to wait. I checked her journals, saw she was busy but I also saw she was taking new badge commissions to be completed for cons, okay I get that people would NEED them for cons but at least finish the previous order?

In July I asked about another update, I think over journals but I can't find it back, either it was deleted or I'm too stressed to find atm. But after countless of art getting ordered after me and finished before me, I asked in August on her to do list (which doesn't even have all things listed, and look there I'm not the only person asking about stuff, here's a prntscr in case she deletes.) about a refund since I'm just not getting what I ordered. She said she wasn't able to refund me since she ordered the fur, so there I am helpless, I can't get a refund and I'm not getting my badge, since it was long over 45 days I couldn't file a dispute on PayPal. So all I can do is wait patiently. By this time I moved to the States so shipping to Germany would be useless.

September came in, again I asked over notes about an update. I was told the tail was done, didn't believe it but on the stream I finally got to see it, it was actually done but the badge still needed to be made.

October passed, November came in, I was getting a bit nervous that I won't see it at all.
I wanted to use that tail badge as a memory ornament for the tree Matt's family has up, it was a memory of finding good artist on FA and Xeshaire being over one year old with the same design without changes. (His family puts ornaments up as memory for each year )
I tweeted her if she was able to finish it before Christmas so I could use it for that purpose, she said yes and thus I waited.

December is coming in and no update whatsoever. I see her tweet about completing games and what not, making herself personal art instead of things that she owes. So I tweeted her again for an update, no reply. I saw her countless tweets pass by mine and I felt ignored. I tweeted her again after couple hours giving her a warning that I will report it, and still, I'm being ignored. I see countless tweets pass by again from her.

So at this point she decided to ignore me and I will never see any penny back nor my tail badge, I'm pretty sure about this.
Back then she was active, finished countless of these things and art and now it feels like all she is doing is personal art, YCH stuff for "emergencies" that are completed before anyone else who was waiting patiently and contact is getting worse.
I really wanted to use that badge as an ornament, and I'm sure it will never arrive before Christmas. Even if I would get it I wouldn't want to use it anymore, it only brings back the memories of how I was shoved in the back line continuously and see the others get served before me.

40$ is a lot of money to me, but it went to a waste. If I could rewind time I'd definitely do things different, but again you will never know unless you try, right?
Any advice to fix this situation would be appreciated. I don't think PayPal will do anything about it but yeah. Just watch out for her or you will just end up having nothing but loss of money. :/