December 4th, 2013

Trade Issues

I did an art trade with a user a while back, everything went a-okay. Both parts are completed. I check FA today and see a 'Prepose' flat rate sale and see something wrong.

It was the trade they did for me.

When I did the trade, they showed me two sketches to pick from, I chose sketch A. The user is now selling off BOTH sketches, including the one I chose, as prepose commissions. They said it was okay because they are not using my character. I told them I felt ripped off, because I expected an original piece, and provided one, and now there will be mass copies made of mine (multiple people can purchase the sketches).

They haven't replied yet, but I'm wondering if it's okay for them to do this because it's a trade, or if I'm right to be upset and feel ripped off?
And if the latter, should I pose a beware?


WHO: Teahound

WHERE: [Dropbox mirror]

WHAT: Art-trade

WHEN: I posted my end of the trade May 21st 2013. The agreement was made earlier that month.

PROOF: [My end of the trade] [Dropbox mirror]

In May 2013 I made a journal looking for art trades. Teahound was doing a commission special at the time at a value of $25 (two characters), the same price as a badge by myself, so we agreed to trade. Unfortunately the journal no longer exists due to the time that has passed, and we did not communicate by FA notes. The only other time I heard from him is as seen on the comment on my end of the trade. I had no reason to suspect anything so I waited patiently.

Two months later I left a shout on his page to the likes of "Hey how are you doing, got any updates for me?" to no response. I figured he was busy, and left him alone a while longer. I sent him another shout but can't remember exactly when, and then again two months ago (as seen on his userpage) and again recently (seen at the top of his userpage). Every time I have been blatantly ignored. It has now been over six months since our agreement, and he has been posting, taking commissions, and responding to shouts to others. It is unclear why he is avoiding me in particular.
I mostly feel upset that I am not even acknowledged. Even a simple "I can't do this, I'm having a hard time right now" would suffice for me.

EDIT 1/5/14: Despite the posts here, no progress has been made. This remains unresolved.

EDIT2 2/23/14: Continues to be unresolved.

EDIT3: 1/11/15: Resolved as of January 6th 2015 after contacting through the new email ( Link to completed art on Weasyl: [NSFW]