November 27th, 2013

Beware: Apes (darkapes, apes-partials, purrfect-customs)

WHO: Apes (aka Darkapes, apes-partials, purrfect-customs)

WHERE: (defunct) (moved/defunct)

Small plushie, discounted to £50 as I'd previously commissioned her for a fursuit and agreed to provide some fur (MM fox, rust) for the plushie.

The plushie was commissioned around the 11th of December 2012 via one of Apes's Furaffinity journals, which has since been deleted.

Unfortunately the original FA journal has been deleted and I don't have copies of the tweets. I do have a PayPal receipt, posted here with names blanked:

The plushie was commissioned around the 11th of December 2012 via one of Apes's Furaffinity journals, which has since been deleted.
After several false starts, I approached her around March on Twitter to ask for a status update, and we agreed that the plushie would be completed for collection at the ConFuzzled 2013 convention (end of May 2013).
Shortly before ConFuzzled, Apes contacted me (again via Twitter) to say that the plushie would not be completed by ConFuzzled. I later spoke to her at the convention, and we agreed that it would be finished "within a few weeks" of the end of the convention.
There has been sporadic contact between myself and Apes on Twitter, though to date she's been unable to provide any definitive start date. I've been told several times that she'd be starting work "soon" but have heard nothing further.

As of this evening (26/Nov/2013) I've requested a refund as I'm not convinced that anything I receive would be made to a reasonable standard of workmanship. ObFD - I've seen the plushie mentioned in a previous A-B first-hand (the one where the hair fell off); the owner and the person who repaired it are both good friends of mine.

Update - 2014-03-15 I received a reply on the 7th of March:
"I cannot give you a refund on the item. Sorry. In my situation it's just not possible."

My response, sent on the 9th of March:
"If you can't offer a refund, could you complete the plushie as we originally agreed?"

No response to the latter email as yet.

Update - 2014-03-30 After having had no reply to the latter email, I attempted to contact Apes on Twitter:

philpem: @0Apes0 Would you mind replying to my email? That is to say, if you can't refund me for the plushie, can you at least finish it?
0Apes0: @philpem yes I can. Swamped ATM

Original tweet thread:
Screenshot:  photo Screenshot-300314-091949.png
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Advice needed for selling prints!

Hey guys! I have a question regarding selling prints of artwork I have done, but as commissions.

Is it legal for me to do this? And is this commonly done? Does this look bad on me as an artist? I haven't ever sold prints before, so I really have no idea. I haven't sold the customer the copyright to the image, just charged them for rendering the image like is typically done. Some of my commission pieces I would like to sell as prints at a future con because they turned out really well.

(I would obviously ask the commissioner if it's okay with them, since it's their fursona in the picture.)