October 29th, 2013

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Lost Contact: Psyfur

FA : http://www.furaffinity.net/user/psyfur/

Psyfur came by my table to purchase a commission from me and one of my other friends at the table on Saturday (10/26) at Oklacon. Unfortunately he never came by our table to pick them up on Sunday, and now we are trying to find the best method to contact him so they can be sent out. His FA doesn't seem to be active and the notes we have sent have gone unread, though he may be returning from the con. Still we can't be sure they'll ever be read since the account seems infrequently active and just want to see if anyone knows him or has a better idea on how to track him down. So far we've tried contact via his FA as well as the official Oklacon page to see if anyone knows him or if he will see it. We would really like to get his art to him as he has already paid for it.

Country Girl Tala

Advice Needed - Kiriban Art Problems

First, I'd like to say I'm a first time poster, long time observer, of this community, and I'd hoped I'd never have to post anything here myself but it would appear my luck has run out. I need some help.

If I've done anything wrong I apologize.

I'm seeking advice regarding a situation that I'm honestly still a bit floored turned out how it did.

It is in regards to a Kiriban I hosted on deviantART, the winner of that kiriban, and the art created as a result.

I'll try and summarize the situation as best I can. We've both exchanged quite a few words between each other at this point.

I'm not really out to post a Beware on this person, but I would like advice to know whether I've handled things okay or not, and if I need to do things differently now and in the future.

If it is felt that a Beware is warranted, while I'm reluctant to stir things up more, I will if need be.

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