October 27th, 2013

midu - laff
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How late is too late to ask for a refund?

I'm sorry if something like this has been covered before, I was going back in previous advice posts to see if something fit my situation, but nothing quite yet.

So around three months ago I commissioned an artist for a $10 chibi item, their style was really eye-catching and I was itching to get my character done by them. Their quality for $10 was really astounding, so I figured it was money well-spent.

The turn-around is quick, and I get my product, but... something seems off. It's cute and I accepted the product as is.
However, as time goes by, I see that the work I was given was not of the quality they delivered to other clients, past or present. Part of the drawing was un-colored when I gave it a good lookover. I suppose I overlooked my product because I was excited to commission them.

The artist has no TOS visible on any of their art pages, and recently has been showing some rather flighty behavior with other friends of mine who were supposed to get work from her (i.e. not doing their half of art trades, etc)

I feel like I'm in the right to ask for some sort of revision, but its probably too late since everything was 'completed' and delivered to me. Should I tell the artist I'm unsatisfied, or should I chalk it up as a loss due to waiting a bit too long?

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth either way, my commission is visibly rushed by their standards. And they don't take these small commissions in large batches, so I feel like more attention should have been paid to mine?