October 20th, 2013


Beware: Mlle-Kamichat

WHO: Mlle-Kamichat (used to be X-Kamy-X/changed her username)

WHERE: http://mlle-kamichat.deviantart.com/

WHAT: A flat colored, full shaded, full background with another flat color for free

WHEN: April 4,2012

PROOF: Her journal stating she needed some extra cash (brown wolf icon is me) http://imgur.com/6O9cNrh
My message to her for a slot and explaining what I'd like
Her reminding me I have a free flat colour as well with the commission
Me requesting to see a sketch when she gets to it and telling her what I'd like for the free flat colour
Confirming with her I was sending payment (sorry can't find transaction on paypal it's so far back, I've sent $45 to her)

EXPLAIN: I'm an extremely patient person and a fellow artist as well. Way back when, when I was still using DA (with a different username than the one I have now), I noticed Kamy was in dire need of money because of loss of job and needing to find money for board for her horse. I got a slot and gave her all the information she ever needed for my commission to be complete. I wait for a couple months and don't see much art of her commissions, rather more of art of her trades with friends and personal art. I've only seen a couple commission pieces. She has also taken on more commissions and acquired more money for them and haven't finished them at all. I go and message her about the progress she has possibly made and has only given me more of an excuse than progress

I brush it off and hopeful she would finish it soon.

I wait for several more months, seeing loads of journals complaining how stressed out she is and how her mental condition is making her slowly unable to work on any art whatsoever. She's only done once again more art for friends and personal art and I've yet to see anything I've commissioned her for. I message her telling her I was no longer wanting to wait even longer for the commission and I didn't want to stress her out more with my commission, so I asked for a refund. I've gotten no response to it
I then wait even more months (it's now November!) and I give her a brand new reference sheet of the character I commissioned her to draw
and I still get no response.

I've watched her page like a hawk, even if I left DA, I still visit to fave pictures from people I watch. Over several months, I've yet to see much of anything from her, and it seems the only art she finishes is art trades and personal art and very few commissions (which are mostly friends). I wait for an ENTIRE YEAR and still have nothing. I've waited more months and I slowly get fed up from all the journals she posts about her mental health and inability to sleep and inability to work on art blah blah blah. She then posts a journal in August about doing linearts for points and I reply to somebody who has also waited a long time for their art, only to be told by a friend that this entire time I should be nicely reminding Kamy about the commission I waited an entire year and a half for

Kamy then posts several journals about several hiatus' from DA and promises to be doing art while she's away, only to be coming back with well... not much. Her most recent one posts about ANOTHER hiatus from DA and posts a link to her list

Which the list was created all the way back in December
At this point, it's becoming almost TWO YEARS since I've commissioned her, and I'm done trying to be nice about this. All I want is my money back, I don't want to be listening to her problems anymore and seeing no effort on my commission being completed when she's still taking more money from other people promising to get things finished when it doesn't show up often. Although she has beautiful art, I no longer want anything to do with it, which makes me sad.