October 12th, 2013


riddles with excuses

WHO: Fuchsia awesomepawsome

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/awesomepawsome

WHAT: Fursuit

WHEN:The beginning of February

PROOF: the start http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVzTZBnJLgLliYh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIQNVBJNCY confirming I am head of everyone http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVyc0%2Fl38WIc2oh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIQf1BJNCZ this is when she had every thing to make it http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVxGB2SywUIkHoh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIRHVBJNCY confirming may http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVx0Aqx6cl%2BBOYh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIQwFBJNCY but that woould be the first of many date broken , I had to contact her http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVwcmPfPGdYDZIh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIQ5FBJNCY again me contacting her for another broken date http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVwhicaxRxml0oh4l5k2TGxc#.UlIReVBJNCY so I agreed to move it back ..http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVwISzYqJl4YlYh4l5k2TGxc#.UlISGVBJNCY so I ask for a refund http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVz3E6JF8kiNJoh4l5k2TGxc#.UlISSlBJNCY which paying in full seemed like a low blow.

EXPLAIN:I just want a full refund at this point. I dont even want to tell people where I got my fursuit (if I ever would get it) I do understand these take time but I think I been more then far up to this point