October 10th, 2013

old happy

Rex / SeeRexPlay.com

WHO: Rex / SeeRexPlay.com

WHAT: A fursuit body (no head)

WHEN: March 2013 for delivery in July 2013.

I specifically chose SeeRexPlay.com to build my body suit because I know the maker personally, the body suits he produces are of good quality, and because they had no presence on this site. Also, the maker was willing to adhere to a limited timeline.

It is now 10/10/2013; to my knowledge fur for the suit was never ordered, construction was never begun, and I have requested a FULL refund for reasons explained below.

Rex has delivered a PARTIAL refund.

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I believe Rex made the initial order of fur on September 4th, far after the original agreed upon deadline of July 20 2013.
I believe Rex altered the date on the invoice before sending it to me to make it appear to be a re-order.
I believe Rex has repeatedly lied regarding the status of the suit throughout the entire process.

These beliefs have led me to request a refund IN FULL from SeeRexPlay.com, of the total commission price of $600.

As of October 09, 2013, Rex has refunded $500. As I do not believe any money was ever spent on my commission, and no positive proof has ever been offered to the contrary, I do not see a reason to accept anything less than a full refund, and will continue to insist upon the remaining $100.