October 1st, 2013

Beware: Phaet/Heml0cke/Orange.Pekoe (Resolved)

Note to Mods: All artwork had been completed and delivered to the commissioner! I don't wish to post it as this is not a beware about the commissioner, who has been nothing but understanding and patient. :) I can link privately if proof is required.

WHO: Phaet/Phae-et, Momo, Orange.Pekoe, Heml0cke, Momochiismagic, Momoismagic.
Inactive Usernames that are known of: RinMao, Bitter Frost, BitterFryst, Ii-nkwell, Rubunny, Rurubun, and many other names on various other sites.

WHERE: https://inkbunny.net/phaet, https://inkbunny.net/heml0cke, http://furaffinity.net/user/orange.pekoe/, http://momochiismagic.tumblr.com, http://momoismagic.tumblr.com, http://phae-et.tumblr.com
Inactive FA Links: http://furaffinity.net/user/pkmn_eroge, http://furaffinity.net/user/ii-nkwell

WHAT: Joint Auction we were co-hosting together with the intent payment be split 50/50 and work be split 50/50. Sadly the original auction post has been deleted. (2 Sketches, 2 Inked Pieces, 4 Full Color Pieces. I upgraded both sketches to inked due to the wait and my taking on all the work.)

WHEN: April 2012 to present.

PROOF: Original auction poster; I also have payment information (both full amount from commissioner and half amount I sent to Momo) if needed from paypal. The original auction post has been deleted. Ii-nkwell now goes by orange.pekoe on FA most recently.

This beware explains the entire situation, but is namely about Momo's lack of communication, aggressive attitude, account jumping to avoid me/others, and questions on pursuing a refund.

EXPLAIN:Collapse )

//edit 4 - 10/14/2013

I've contacted paypal over this; because the date is too far back they said the only thing I can do is continue to send reminder invoices; however I've notified them of her continued actions so they've submitted her account to the fraud department for review for taking payments for services and not delivering/keeping contact with customers. (They said I could take her to small claims, but over 70$ I feel that's a bit silly.)
If you do have an outstanding transaction with her, I'd urge you to call if it is within the dispute date before it is too late. If yours is past the due date, it's possible to call paypal and at least notify them if she hasn't been keeping contact to add to the fraud claim.
Normally I've very patient, however if she had time to be online to mess with her Gaia Avatar and post (since she's on my friend list it gives me updates), then she had time to at least throw up a quick journal or reply to my pm or even text me.
I've sent her a final invoice to her new email and told her I'm contacting paypal over this. At this point I'm done with this ordeal and this remains unresolved.

11/13/2013 -This morning I received an email from paypal notifying me that the invoice for the refund she owed me had been paid, thus this transaction can be marked as resolved. :)

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