September 24th, 2013


Advice Needed: Unable to finish free art

I need a bit of advice.  In the past couple of years, I had offered some free pre-posed sketches, and I believe another free art as well.  Due to several things involving life in general, I feel I am not ever going to finish these pictures.  To be fair, those who would be recieiving the art have not contacted me in any way, asking about the art or anything at all.  So, now that I've settled that I'm not going to be able to complete these, what should I do?  I have done other art since, that was paid for, so it did get priority.  Should I contact the people and apologize, offer something else?  Leave it be as they haven't contacted me?  I don't want to end up on A_B because I couldn't finish something, even if it wasn't paid for.

Advice: How Long is to Long?

I ordered three commissions last year on December 16th totaling 25 dollars. I have emailed the artists a few times and the first update I got was a sketch of two out of the three commissions. This didn't arrive until April 14th. She had some drama in her own life, so I let it slid. Since than, she has been posting nothing but the occasional personal piece and has not responded to my emails at all. She has posted that she is going on a hiatus and that she will answer emails when she gets I just being to picky? I know art can take a while...but she hasn't posted a que other than a single post that stated 13/30. I was just curious is anyone had any advice...