September 11th, 2013


Commissioner Beware: SonicDash

WHO: SonicDash on Tumblr: - I was told by another artist that was also charged back that this was his FA name.

WHERE: My tumblr, (NSFW), and e-mail

WHAT: A digital sketch of his character.

WHEN: September 5 – 7, 2013

PROOF: (Links Below are Screenshots and Paypal Transactions)

EXPLAIN: SonicDash poked me on tumblr, asking about a commission after he saw I was opened for such last week. After a lot of back and forth, we’ve come to an agreement, and I had him pay an invoice I sent to him over paypal. I finish his commission a couple of days later, and that was the last I heard from him through e-mails. Today, I noticed that there was a chargeback notice on my paypal account. So I asked him about it, and apparently, his parents forced him to file chargebacks against myself, and another artist, CitrusVision, and probably others.

Product in Question:

Proof Links: - Paypal Transaction - Tumblr

He's returned my money. I consider this unfortunate incident resolved for me.