August 29th, 2013

Digitt/HinaUchi - Commissioners beware!

(My boyfriend originally posted this, but was told that since I commissioned the artist, I needed to be the one to post this. Most of the content remains the same from the original post, with some sections as appropriate. Please let me know if anything needs to be fixed, mods!)

I realize that the onus was on me for not researching Digitt (also known as Hinauchi) ahead of time before commissioning her; it is my hope that by writing this and spreading the word in an appropriate manner I can help educate other commissioners so that they can make an informed decision on their own.

WHO: Digitt/HinaUchi (same user)


WHAT: Chibi Commission auction (2 characters), valued at $30 (Payment proof:

WHEN: Payment made July 18th, 2013 - August 27th (date A_B article was written)



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As one of the earlier images shows, my boyfriend warned Digitt that unless either a refund or the promised finished piece was sent by midnight on the 26th, he/I would be posting this. Based on you reading this, you can guess how that turned out.

There's not much else to say about this. A piece was ordered, payment was made, nothing ever came about, and Digitt was either unresponsive or outright ignoring attempts to get our money back or just what we paid for. It was only after multiple requests to get what we paid for, and after writing/posting this Artist Beware entry, that we received the completed commission.

IMPORTANT: We DID eventually get the finished piece, but it was given to us only after PommyN64 had written up and publicly posted the A_B entry on his own journal. Prior to that journal being posted, neither of us could get any response from Digitt besides her Shout I linked to above. Obviously I have no sure way to confirm if the two events are linked, but the receipt of the commission came in less than a few hours after the Beware post went up, and according to Pommy Digitt also pressured him over Skype within the same timeframe about 'stirring up drama' for her by writing that post.

Commission this user at your own risk. She appears to have an extensive history of drama, missing/incomplete commissions, and general immaturity.


Hello A_B community, I do apologize if this isn't the place to ask, this is my first time posting here, but
I was wondering if you could give me some advice.
Recently I had put up a notice on my etsy shop that I couldn't take any more commissions because I am starting school. A day later another etsy user bought a commission from me without contacting me first. I have sent them a message five days ago and two days ago I had sent them another and they haven't contacted me back. Also, they didn't provide any information on what they wanted in the notes section too. How long should I wait before I should contact them again? Should I cancel it and refund them if they do not contact me at all?
Ho-oh Costume

What do you do when you don't like the out come of a Commission?

What should someone do when they don't like what the artist they commission has provided for them?

I've been in a situation recently where the artist I commissioned said that they where happy with what the made for me yet I was not.
I feel like they rushed the commission and this caused issues. I don't want to go into real details but I want to know if there is anything a customer could do about this?
There where things wrong with the drawing, the artist got things about the character wrong but they stated that they where trying to replicate the style of the characters souse material (In this case MLP).[Edit: I Didn't ask for MLP style at any point. Sorry I didn't make this clear. I asked which character(MLP, Tauren or Human) they would be best at drawing and they said MLP character.] To me it was clear that they where not as the eye's in particulate where still in there own style.
I asked them to change the things I thought they got wrong and they said that they where happy with the work they did. There was no mention of changes costing more. This was for an Icon so there was no progress shown.
I've personally dropped the issue but I want to know what I could do if this happens in the future?

(I hope this is better worded, I'm not the best with explaining my self sorry.)
(I'm so sorry that I didn't make this all clear please ask me and I'll enplane as best I can. I'm sorry!)