August 26th, 2013


Lost Contact!

Lost contact, help needed! Fossil

We agreed to have a tattoo fixed at AC2012 but that as well as FA:U2012 and FF2012, fell through with some confusion and some inability to get a hold of him.

I contacted him about a month before AC with the assumption he was attending. He messaged me back saying he was not and to wait until FA:U (2013) for a slot to get the art fixed. Seems he had something happen before FA:U and has been very inactive recently.

I sent him a note; he read it and no response. Then I sent an email asking for anything since I wasn't getting anything through FA. Time passed and I sent him another note asking for some sign of life and saying I emailed them.

He just got back on FA yesterday (seen via a fav on something, not a post/journal) and the note is read without a response... again...

This was a very expensive piece and I have attempted many times to get it fixed up.

I do not know WHAT happened, but I do know he is not responding to me. Should I wait a little longer, and give him one last chance, ask for a definite date/time/place and see how it goes? Or what else can I do to attempt to correct this?

Beware - Ahimsa

Big update, see proof for additional proof, of WIPs from the artist in the past.

Update, see bottom.

Second update, see below previous.

Third update regarding how this can be resolved, at the bottom. (now taken down)

Who: Ahimsa/Heavily Weighted

Where: or

What: A colored group drawing.

When: July 29th to August 25th/ongoing (Commish posted, though not to my specs)

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This is just a question.

As an artist, what do you do when asked to draw a character that you KNOW does not belong to the person commissioning you?

I recently had a situation occur where a commissioner wanted me to draw a character that I know did not belong to them. I had seen this character recently myself (it was by a rather well-known artist), so I knew the context, I knew the character was created for a specific person, not the person wanting to commission me.

I politely declined the commission, stating that I was aware that the character did not belong to the person wishing to commission me, but I find myself wondering if I should alert the original artist that this commissioner is trying to commission art of their character.  In this case, the art that was going to be commissioned would not have been a SFW commission and would not have been anything even like 'fan art' of the character.

I don't like to stir drama, but I do find myself thinking that I should tell the original artist, given the context that the commissioner wanted the character drawn in.

I'd welcome some opinions on this though.

Refund Advice


I'm currently in a back and forth with a commissioner over a refund (no names of course.)

The issue being between the time of the commission and the time it was completed I had several irl events that eventually resulted in the temporary loss of access tot he account. Eventually I had a friend log into my account for me to upload art, reply to PMs, and help me get a huge mess sorted out.

With this particular commission, the commissioner was claiming I owed them for two pieces of work, one finished and one not finished and that they had sent me a note before I uploaded the commission. I told them that since I could not find a PM in my inbox, they hadn't replied to my refund journal, and my friend never saw the notice wanting a refund until a new message in my inbox a month after I uploaded the commission, I would refund them only one of the pieces.

I had asked them for a screen cap of the note, which they said they would provide, and then I didn't hear from them again until now. I asked for proof again, but they didn't provide it, so I just refunded them the larger half of the payment for the second commission that was never done.

They replied again, this time arguing my refund and requesting the full one and I asked them to refer to the previous notes as to why only one was refunded. They then replied back, finally, with a screen cap of the note.

I have no record of this note at all. Not in my outbox, not in my inbox, any folders, archives, or trash. My friend who was managing the account at the time hadn't seen it either.

I'm honestly at a loss for what to do.

Also, as a test, my friend came up with the idea of typing in the message number screencap into the address bar. When we type in the screencap the commissioner gave us, it says error.

Screencap from commissioner:

Attempt to find the message through the address bar:

My friend and I did a test where I sent her a message and both deleted them completely, even out of the trash, and it still shows up on both our ends with the address url, so she believes it is possible to be faked.

I'm more than happy to refund the commissioner if I am truly in the wrong, but taking everything into consideration, I'm not sure who is right?
I'd love any advice as to what the cause of the missing message would be!

Just to be sure 100%, since the forensics is questionable/debatable, I am sending the screencap/PM url to an admin to see if they can confirm if it is real or not.
Baby Turtles

Bounced Check Fiasco - Need Advice!

Hey AB, I found myself in a quandry.

In February of 2012, I took a badge commission at a convention. The client paid with a check - not something I'm really fond of, but I let it slide because I had a few prior commissions from this client and things had gone smoothly. I finished and delivered the badge at con.

I went to cash the check when I got back home, and it bounced. The badge was $40, and my bank charged a bounced check fee. I lost $52 all together. In early March, I emailed the commissioner about the bounced check. He apologized, told me he'd pay me as soon as his paycheck came in, that same week. Two weeks go by, and no payment. I email him, and he gives more excuses - I needed to pay taxes, I'll pay you next month, something came up... Long story short, I was told no less than four times that I'd be paid in some future date. All four of those dates passed over a year ago.

The client has since ceased communication with me. I"m not sure how else to contact him, besides email.

Do I just call this one lost? Should I try again/