August 19th, 2013

  • thaily

GuardiansWish & Kiroxookami; using non-commercial stock for commercial purposes.

This has been dragging on for a while, so I'm finally going to make a post.

WHO: GuardiansWish & Kiroxookami
WHERE: GuardiansWish on FurAffinity, DeviantArt and the FurAffinity forums. Kiroxookami on DeviantArt.

WHAT: Commissioned photo manips and prints utilizing stock images which specifically state commercial use is not allowed.

WHEN: First noticed it in June and told GuardiansWish that she shouldn't commercially use stock that wasn't okay'd for commercial use. She is still offering photo manip commissions, selling prints and the photo manip commission she did which used stock which was not okay'd for commercial use is still up on both FA and DA. I've filed a TT but no response yet. Months later one of GuardiansWish' friends, Kiroxookami, starts harassing me and it turns out she's doing the exact same thing as GuardiansWish.

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In short: GuardiansWish uses stock images commercially which explicitly state commercial use is not allowed. No-one can provide proof that she has permission and InertiaK (the copyright holder of the misused stock) is incommunicado, so the odds that they do have permission is highly unlikely. GuardiansWish still offers photo manip commissions and I consider the likelyhood that she'll use non-commercial stock for commercial usage again to be very high. Also GuardiansWish sells prints utilizing non-commercial stock. Kiroxookami harasses people on GuardiansWish' behalf because she too commercially uses non-commercial stock for commissions.

People, if you want to commission a photo manipulation, please make sure the artist uses stock they have permission for, or uses their own photography. -_-

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