August 18th, 2013

Beware: OneFurAll Studios

WHO: OneFurAll Fursuits


WHAT: One fullsuit of my character Andi along with an extra set of wings, an extra tail and a wig for $2650

WHEN: September 2012 – August 2013


Explaination below cut.

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EDIT – (August 19)

After reading one of the comments below and re-evaluating their FAQ ("terms of service"), it became clear that even if their Terms of Service entitles them to keep my deposit, their wording defines this as 30% of a 50% deposit, not the 30% of the total they are trying to withhold from me. So I have sent them another email which may be seen here:

RESOLVED - (August 19)

I received a refund in full of $2650 to my paypal account at 4:30PM PST on August 19th along with an email addressing me by the name on the paypal account (which has been censored from the screen cap for privacy concerns to my mother who's name is stuck on the account despite all other information being my own) to confirm the transaction and end the dispute. This issue may be marked as resolved between OneFurAll and myself.