August 2nd, 2013

Beware: TwilightSaint

WHO: TwilightSaint

WHERE: and

WHEN: 19th-22nd of July

WHAT: I was looking for artists to commission, and one of my friends mentioned it was easy to find people on FurAffinity thanks to the ads. This was how I found TwilightSaint. I read her Terms of Service, which at the time appeared to be fine, and skimmed through her gallery before I signed up and sent her a note. This is the first time I have commissioned an artist, and I did not know exactly what they would like in terms of references and descriptions. The entirety of our conversation is included below the cut:

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Bottom line: Her turnaround was quick, but that is the only statement from her ad I found to be correct. The art was not high quality, and the communication was anything but excellent. While I only paid $20 for this icon, it did feel like a complete waste of my money. 
Amy Lee: Good Enough animated

Beware: buyer Allisoninwonderland8/ Brooke Allison Kutik (Etsy)

Items purchased: March 13/14th 2013
Items received March 22 2013
Buyer feedback left April 8th 2013
Paypal dispute opened June 3rd 2013
Credit Card Chargeback take out July 1st 2013

Basic Summary: I am writing to warn other artists, particularly on etsy, of a buyer (Brooke Allison Kutik or AllisoninWonderland8 on etsy) who purchased two items from me and then initiated a fraudulent credit card chargeback through paypal claiming she never received the items. The buyer had previously told me via etsy message that she had received the items, and she left me feedback on etsy. Initially, paypal closed the disputes in my favour at the beginning of June 2013, however in July the credit card company ruled in the buyer's favour for one of the items and the fees were deducted from my account. Paypal gave me back part of the fee but I was still out about $200.

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Thanks for reading. If I left anything out just let me know.