August 1st, 2013


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Distinctive Fabric - beware

WHO: Distinctive Fabric, DF


WHAT: Two separate orders of long haired faux fur (6/27 & 7/15)

WHEN: First had email communication with Distinctive Fabric on 6/27 regarding whether swatches were current, and first sign of trouble was when package was taking longer than necessary, 7/5.

1)Told that swatches are current:
2)1st package tracking:
3)swatch compared to fur received:
4)acknowledging they made a mistake (finally):
5)discount offered:
6)email stating refund would be immediate:
7)UPS delivered:
8)second order returned:

1)I was making a bodysuit to go with a partial fursuit I bought from a fursuit maker, and I was trying to match up the gray fur used. I ordered swatches all around. And the swatch I received from Distinctive Fabric was the closest one.

2)Since I was working on a timeline that involved a con I wanted to make as little mistakes as possible, so I contacted DF and asked them, just to double check, that their swatches are current, grey in particular. They wrote me back and assured me that they were. (screenshot 1 above)

3)I contacted DF on July 5th when I had not received my package. They provided a tracking number, and that showed some of the problem. Despite paying for Priority mail it was 7 days before the status went from "electronic shipping information received" and entered the USPS system. And on top of that there were 5 more days before it was delivered. (screen shot 2 above)

4)when I opened the box the gray was MUCH MUCH MUCH lighter than the swatch they had sent me! So, apparently someone didn't bother to check it before responding back to me that they were current. (photo 3 above)

5)It took alot of back and forth through email before they started to realize what they had done wrong, admit to it, and then offer a solution. (screenshot 4 above)
I was fortunately able to find another match (thank you!!!!!)

6) since I had to return the grey they offered me a discount off of a future order. I planned on never ordering from them again, but I was trying to match up another bodysuit for another project and the maker of this partial recommended getting the fur from DF to match.

7)So, I placed another order with them, it was then that I discovered that the discount they were willing to offer me for all the trouble they caused was only 15% (screenshot 5 above). That is barely above the discount they offer any and all customers that happen to have a 10% code that they frequently run.

8)I received this second order, of 4 different colored long haired furs. I bought all the same 2" pile style, just different colors. When I opened it, I was horrified to see that they had sent me 2 of the colors in the right pile length, but the other 2 were a completely different length, they were 3" pile! I called them, and told them about the mistake and they sent someone to the warehouse to confirm the mistake. And after frustratingly back and forth-ing it was discovered that they really just could not get me what I had ordered, the correct fur, in time for what I needed it. So they sent another label to send this second order back. So, that is 2 orders now that they are holding on to my money, while it gets sent back and then having to wait for them to process my refund. Two separate amounts of money being held up by their mistakes.

9)Both orders have now been sent on their way back to them. I had been assured that a refund would be immediate (screenshot 6), but the first order was delivered on Monday 7/29 (screenshot 7) and still no refund has been received. (I am writing this on 8/1)
I opened a dispute on 7/31 through paypal for this, they have yet to respond.

I just want my money back as promised. And when the 2nd order gets back to them on 8/6 I want my money back immediately as promised. (screenshot 8)

This whole experience has been very frustrating as Distinctive Fabrics has made numerous mistakes, and have consistently shown that they cannot be trusted (inaccurate swatches, faulty customer service, wrong fabric, no refund).

Today (8/3) Distinctive Fabric "settled" the dispute I opened through paypal for the first order, (I had not escalated it to a claim) by refunding me. Thank goodness! Sad that "immediately" refunded really ended up being 6 days, but still very happy to have my money back. So, one bad order/returned money down, one more to go!

*****UPDATE 2*****
Just opened a dispute on paypal for the 2nd order, as they recieved the fur back on Tuesday (8/6) and have still yet to refund me, again. I find it laughable now that she even promised me "immediate returns". Not sure how long to give before upping it to a claim, we'll see.

*****Final UPDATE*****
After I upgraded the paypal dispute to a claim, they dragged it out to the last possible day they could respond before paypal would have automatically awarded my claim in my favor. I can't help but feel this was a personal attack/attempt to keep me from getting my refund as long as possible. But I digress, I have my all my money back, they have all their fur back, it has been a very frustrating, and lengthy, and expensive lesson to never EVER order from DF again.